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Beware when Walking Drunk

We’ve all heard of the risks of driving drunk and it’s something we would never think of doing because the risks are obvious but did you know walking while drunk can be just as bad. According to data obtained by RACQ from the Queensland Police, 63 pedestrians who were alcohol impaired were killed in crashes […]

Doctor Explains Why You Go Red when You Drink Alcohol

A recent article on Popsugar.com.au discussed why some people get so red when they drink, particularly in their face, neck, chest and sometimes in their arms and legs. According to Dr. Luiza Petre board-certified cardiologist and weight-loss specialist, alcohol metabolism is dependent on enzymes – alcohol dehydrogenase that converts alcohol to acetaldehyde and acetaldehyde dehydrogenase […]

Is Alcohol Altering Your Personality?

While we know alcohol has a way of making us more outgoing, are we aware of how much our own personalities change when we drink? According to a study by a team of psychologists from Missouri, we see ourselves differently when drunk to how others see us. The study examined the behaviour of 156 participants […]

Food Made With Alcohol Can Make Your Drunk

If you’ve been told that cooking food with alcohol at high temperatures burns off all the alcohol, you’ve been misinformed. Some of our favourite foods like Sherry Trifle and Fish Stew cooked with white wine actually have surprisingly high amounts of alcohol left in them even after the cooking process. But can eating food with […]