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How 15 Cans of Alcohol Saved a Man’s Life

Doctors in Vietnam actually saved a man’s life with 15 cans of beer. According to media reports, a 48 year old man was taken to hospital in the Quang Tri province of north-central Vietnam for severe alcohol poisoning on Christmas Day. The man had such high levels of methanol in his body that it was […]

Safety Campaign Tackles Drunk Drowning

A summer safety campaign aims to stop drunk drownings which spike over the warmer seasons in Australia. Data from the Royal Life Saving Society shows that 2760 men lost their lives due to drowning over the past 15 years between 1 July 2003 and 30 June 2018, and 18 per cent of those deaths were […]

Seven US States with Strict Alcohol Rules

You may have heard of the Prohibition in the United States which was repealed in 1933 but there are some modern alcohol laws that you may not have known of that you could find surprising. Before 1984 each state had the right to set its own minimum drinking age but an act by congress was […]

Australian Drinking Declines

It seems the nation’s love affair with alcohol is waning, as more and more young people are cutting down on drinking. As Australians drink more moderately and responsibly, Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) show that the nation’s drinking is on the decline overall. In 2016/17 Australians drank the equivalent of 186 million litres of pure […]

Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Enjoy Throughout Summer

If your resolution is to drink more responsibly this year, you may want to opt for more low alcohol cocktails that can be enjoyed throughout Summer and even into Autumn. Some of the best low alcohol cocktails include low alcohol beer Rosemary and bitters mimosa Riesling spritz Mojito mocktail Vermouth Aperol Float Read more at: […]

Study Says James Bond was an Alcoholic

James Bonds may be known for his inability to die but if he were a real life person he would have died from some alcohol related disease by now. According to a new study out of New Zealand, James Bond has a serious drinking problem. Scientists have found that not only was James Bond ready […]