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Try These Cocktails on Your Next Girl’s Night Out

The origins of the cocktail are sketchy and there are so many theories floating around that it’s hard to tell which one is true, probably none. Is it from Mexico and named after an Aztec princess; New Orleans and named after a French egg cup; in Four Corners, New York? Who knows? But one thing […]

How to Drink Cheap Wine Really Well

An article on Esquire.com suggested ways to help enjoy a cheap wine, really well despite the affordable price tag. One piece of advice is to choose wine from the regions that produce the best quality wine for the lowest price, such as Portugal and the South of France. Another important tip is to treat your […]

Australia’s Risky Drinking Habits Reveal

It’s official, The ACT is the healthiest state in Australia. According to a report based on 2011 data, alcohol and illicit drugs are the cause of one in 20 deaths in Australia. The new analysis by The Australian Institute of Health and Welfare revealed that men are twice as likely to suffer health consequences as […]

Is Alcohol Delivery Good or Bad?

If you own a hospitality business you may be wondering whether or not alcohol delivery is the next step? While the industry is growing and it’s popularity has skyrocketed, there are a few things to be aware of before offering this service to your customers – it’s crucial to weight the pros and cons. An […]

His and Her’s Vodka Cocktails

If you love to drink but are prone to hangovers, white spirits are the way to go because it’s been proven that you’re less likely to suffer a hangover after drinking white spirits like vodka. So depending on your tastes, here are 2 equally awesome vodka cocktails -The Harvey Wallbanger and the Cosmopolitan.


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