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On-trend Cocktail to Make Easily at Home

If you’re ready to start the year off on a trendy note, try this cool cocktail that couldn’t be more on-trend, All you’ll need is, 60ml Aperol 90ml Prosecco 30ml soda water Orange wedge (not slice) for garnish Simple blend all ingredients over ice in a wine or short glass and you’ll be on trend. […]

A New Type of Alcohol Created from Tofu Waste

Singaporean scientists have figured out a way of making alcohol from the whey waste created from the tofu making process. The beverage, called “Sachi” after the Japanese word for “bliss”, the drink is described as fruity, similar to white wine of sake. The drink has an alcohol content of about 7 or 8 per cent. […]

Beer Cocktails to Quench Your Summer Thirst

If the Shandy has been the only beer cocktail you’ve had recently, you may want to give this Spicier Shandy a try. Ingredients include, The juice of one lime 100mL of very cold, good ginger beer 100mL very cold beer 1 lime round A pinch of salt Then, fill a glass with ice and leave […]

How to Make a French Cocktail

If you’re into classic cocktails, you’ll definitely want to get this one under your belt. This French 75 cocktail was created in 1915 in Paris and has since become a favourite with cocktail lovers around the world. With just a few basic, yet delicious ingredients, it’s no wonder this cocktail has been around for so […]

Five Cool Low Calorie Cocktails

If Winter hasn’t been too kind to your waistline you may want to look at the alcoholic beverages you’re consuming because they may be the biggest culprits when it comes to your calorie intake. While you don’t need to quit alcohol altogther, you may want to swop out that calorific Pina Colada with a less […]

Warm Booze Ideas That Aren’t Mulled Wine

The chill has definitely set in and while a good old fashioned drink like  mulled wine can help warm you up, it can get boring and many people don’t actually like it.  So what other hot alcohol drinks are available? Hot Toddy: Often recommended as a remedy during the colder months, this drink is rumoured […]

This is Why Some Drinks Make Your More Hungover

We all know hangovers are the worst, and we all do our best to avoid them, drink alot of water, eat before we drink, drink moderately but it still seems some tipples cause a worse hangover than others. Not all hangovers are created equal and in fact some make you a little miserable while others […]


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