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A Layman’s Guide to Beer

Other than wine, beer is undoubtedly the most popular alcoholic drink around the world. But there are so many varieties and brands that it can become confusing. Here’s a quick guide to beer to give you a clearer understanding of your favourite drink, Pale Ale The is the most popular beer style in Australia and […]

Australia’s Top 50 Beers List Released

Craft beer retailer Beer Cartel recently published its list of the Ultimate Top 50 Beers in Australia, using ratings from more than 100,000 beer drinkers across the country. Something that may surprise you is that there are more stouts on the list than any other style of beer. In fact 31% of beers on the […]

Opening Wine without a Wine Opener

If you find yourself somewhere with a bottle of wine you just can’t resist but with no wine opener in sight, here’s a cool trick to open a wine bottle with a spoon. Whether you want to save the day or just look cool, learn this trick.  

3 Ingredient Cocktails – 4 Ways

If mixing drinks has never been your talent, there’s good news – a simple 3 ingredient cocktail that doesn’t compromise on taste is possible. In this video you’ll learn some easy and delicious cocktails that anyone can make.

10 Things You Never Knew about Absolut Vodka

Whether you’re a fan of vodka or not, you’ve probably heard of Absolut – an alcohol brand with a hugely successful marketing campaign. Here are some things you probably haven’t heard about the brand before, Andy Warhol is responsible for the first of those artsy ads that propelled the brand. It’s no surprise the brand […]

Try These Cocktails on Your Next Girl’s Night Out

The origins of the cocktail are sketchy and there are so many theories floating around that it’s hard to tell which one is true, probably none. Is it from Mexico and named after an Aztec princess; New Orleans and named after a French egg cup; in Four Corners, New York? Who knows? But one thing […]

How to Drink Cheap Wine Really Well

An article on Esquire.com suggested ways to help enjoy a cheap wine, really well despite the affordable price tag. One piece of advice is to choose wine from the regions that produce the best quality wine for the lowest price, such as Portugal and the South of France. Another important tip is to treat your […]


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