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Learn to Make This Cool Cocktail

If there’s anything I love more than a traditional cocktail, is a twist on an old favourite, often improved. This Negroni Blitz cocktail is similar to the original Negroni but instead of Vermouth it uses Jagermeister, improving on that familiar bitter taste of the traditional Negroni. Here’s how its made,

Survey Reveals 16% River Users Have Been Drinking

According to a recent survey, about 16 per cent of people using NSW and Queensland rivers in January had been drinking alcohol. Perhaps even more surprising is the revelation that some people had blood alcohol level readings nearly 6.5 times higher than the 0.05 legal limit, which applies to adults driving a car or a […]

What Type of Drinker are You?

It’s obvious that people react differently to alcohol, just look at your friends and how you can identify different types of personalities when they drink. So what type of drinker are you? There are 4 types of drinkers according to a motivational model of alcohol use, that claims we drink because we expect it to […]

Study Reveals Why People Get Aggressive when they Drink

Researchers have pinpointed why people get aggressive after they drink alcohol. This study by researchers at the UNSW School  of Psychology found that the brain areas normally involved in tempering aggression, the prefrontal cortex shuts off when people drink, after just 2 drinks.This is contrary to previously held beliefs that alcohol related aggression is caused […]

How to Make Cool Sweetheart Jello Shots

If you want to add a special touch to your next party, why not try these cute sweetheart jello shots, you can even customise them to suit your theme. These jello shots are so cute and delicious yet ridiculously easy to make, they’re sure to be the hit of the party. Watch the video below […]

NSW Doctors Warn You Could Have Alcohol Problem

Doctors have warned that you could be an alcoholic even if you have only 2 drinks a day. The Australian Medical Association doctors have warned that there may be people drinking 2 glasses of wine a night who have “chronic alcoholism”. The findings were recently reported in the media that 27 per cent of people […]

Alcohol Ban on St Kilda Foreshore Necessary Police Say

Police and local St Kilda traders want the termporary alcohol ban on the foreshore made permanent following the trashing of the area during a wild party on Christmas Day. There are calls for the ban to be extended for at least 3 years after the Christmas party that cost $23,000 to clean up. Around 5000 […]

Should You Opt for Alcohol of Dessert

Even the most health conscious among us treat themselves with dessert every now and then or with a cocktail after dinner, but if you’re watching your calories and can only “afford” to have one, which do you choose, a cosmo or a piece of cheesecake? Trainers will tell you that both alcohol and sugar aren’t […]

Hotel Fights Back with $5 Beers

What has been dubbed the “beer war” in Perth has seen many pubs and bars drop their prices to attract drinkers. In fact the latest establishment to drop its pint prices is the Claremont Hotel, offering $5 pints of Wild Yak as a one off promotion for its Sunday session. The venue already has $5 […]

Beer or Wine for The Weight Conscious

We’ve all heard that drinking wine or beer in moderation is good for your health, helping your heart and lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes and gallstones. Regardless of what you eat or drink, too many calories will cause you to gain weight. It’s important to know the calorie count of your favourite wines […]