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The 5 Types of Problem Alcohol Drinkers

According to new research from Penn State University, there isn’t just one type of problem drinker. In fact  there are as many as 5 distinct types of problem drinker profiles. Researchers found that disordered drinking can vary from person to person. For one drinker, problem drinking may involve falling over and getting themselves in dangerous […]

Study Says James Bond was an Alcoholic

James Bonds may be known for his inability to die but if he were a real life person he would have died from some alcohol related disease by now. According to a new study out of New Zealand, James Bond has a serious drinking problem. Scientists have found that not only was James Bond ready […]

Summer Responsible Alcohol Consumption Warning

Australians are being reminded to be responsible when drinking this summer especially given the mix of holidays, celebrations, hot weather and in many cases the beach, pool or some other body of water. While Australia’s alcohol consumption rates are declining, especially among the youth, older Australians are continuing to drink at high levels and put […]

You Could be Genetically Wired to Drink Alcohol

Apparently you could be genetically wired to have a taste for alcohol. So how do you tell if you’re genetically predisposed to alcohol, you should ask yourself one question, do you think Brussels sprouts taste bitter? The author of the study linked genetics to how we perceive bitter substances. If you find brussels sprouts bitter, […]

More Women Dying from Alcohol then Before

A new report from the University of Washington claims that alcohol kills more people annually than overdoses, and statistics shows this is on the rise. The study claims that alcohol was responsible for 2.8 million deaths in 2016 through related diseases like cancer, liver disease, pancreatitis, injury and suicide. Between 2007 and 2017, the number […]

Studies Claim Alcohol Helps You Live Longer

According to studies, drinking a couple of glasses of beer or wine a night could actually help you live longer, as long as you’re drinking moderately and sticking to the recommended daily limits. Researchers examined the lives of people who lived passed the age of 90 and found that there were 5 factors linked to […]

People in Cold Climates Drink More Alcohol

According to research out of the United States, people living in cold climates with less sunlight are more likely to drink heavily. Researchers discovered a link between average temperature and hours of sunlight and alcohol consumption. They examined data from 193 countries, discovering evidence that climate contributed to more binge drinking and liver disease. An […]


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