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Palcohol Vic Ban Not Nationally Enforced

The ban on powdered alcohol (palchol) which was instituted in Victoria will not be enforced nationally, with each state having to make the decision on whether or not to ban palcohol. The ban in Victoria will be enforced from 1 July 2015. Read more here.

Author Discusses Life with an Alcoholic

An article on News.com.au recently discussed what it’s like to live with an alcoholic, something we all hope to never have to experience, none the less it is still an informative post and a deterrent for binge drinking, which is the leading cause of alcoholism. The article tells the story of Anne Morshead who actually […]

Decrease in Alcohol Related Incidents on Adelaide Buses

According to a report on Adelaidenow.com.au the instances of drunk passengers causing disturbances on public buses is quite a common occurrence. The post on Adelaidenow.com.au quoted statistics from Transfield Services which revealed that drunk passengers and those drinking alcohol were responsible for almost half of the incidents on buses travelling on 2 of Adelaide’s busiest […]

Should Nursing Mothers be Drinking?

(Photo: Ambro / FreeDigitalPhotos.net) Most mothers are aware of the danger that drinking alcohol can present to their unborn babies but how safe is it to drink once the baby is born. Should breastfeeding mothers abstain from alcohol or is it safe to have a few drinks?   Experts recommend that breastfeeding mothers not consume […]


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