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Can You be Healthy if You Drink Alcohol?

While binge drinking is never a good idea, alcohol usually plays a part in most of our lives’ best moments and celebrations. Some scientists have even noted that alcohol in moderation can be healthy, for example the benefits of red wine on the human heart have been well documented. Source: News.com.au The concerns with alcohol […]

Can You Have One Glass of Wine While Pregnant?

We’ve heard so many mixed messages about whether or not moderate drinking during pregnancy is acceptable or not that many pregnant women are confused, with many making the wrong choices. In November 2012 a study was released that showed that even light drinking during pregnancy was dangerous and could severely harm the unborn baby. Fetal […]

Bartenders, Learn Some Cool Alcohol Facts Here.

Do you want to impress your customers with your vast knowledge of alcohol? Here are some cool, lesser known facts about beer, The oldest recipe in the world is for beer. On a diet? Opt for distilled spirits such as brandy, gin, rum, tequila, contain no carbohydrates because they have no fats and no cholesterol […]

Calls For Lower Alcohol Taxes on Vic Pubs and Clubs

The Victorian branch of the Australian Hotels Association has blamed the high price of drinks at pubs and clubs for alcohol fuelled violence and anti-social behaviour fuelled by alcohol and is calling for alcohol taxes on venues to be lowered. The AHA Vic Branch says that if alcohol taxes are decreased, venues could lower the […]

Champagne Region in France earns World Heritage Status

Only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France can be labelled “champagne” and now the iconic region has been named a World Heritage site. According to a post on Hospitality Magazine, The UNESCO World Heritage Committee who decide on World Heritage Sites, have decided to include the Champagne Slopes, Houses and Cellars on its […]

New Zealand Alcohol Safety Group wants Alcohol Sachet Banned

An alcohol safety group is concerned about the effects of sachets of alcohol and wants the products banned. The group together with Auckland Councillor Cathy Casey are advocating for the ban of  25 millilitre alcohol sachets. There are fears that the tiny sachet could be easily smuggled into events with alcohol restrictions. Find out more here.

Want a Good Sleep, Skip the Night Cap.

If you want a good, restful night’s sleep, then skip the night cap. As professor of psychology Richard Wiseman explains, having a drink before bed is fairly common and many people who suffer with insomnia rely on a glass of their favorite tipple before bed. But drinking alcohol before going to sleep may actually inhibit […]


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