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Do Drinkers Live Longer?

The issue of whether or not drinking alcohol is beneficial to your health is a contentious one with alot of conflicting research, some suggesting that moderate consumption can extend life by benefiting the heart and others suggesting that there is no safe alcohol levels. Moderate drinking which is described as between 2 and 7 glasses […]

Study Shows Middle Aged Drinkers Care about Image Than Health

According to a study, middle-aged drinkers care more about whether their drinking habit harms their image than their health. Drinkers from older age groups believe as long as they aren’t vomiting, stumbling, slurring or suffering from hangovers, their health will remain unaffected by their drinking. The UK based study says many people disregard recommended drink […]

Wines That Beer-lovers will Appreciate

If you’re a beer lover trying to break into the world of wine, it can be a challenge. With so many varieties, makes and price ranges it can be daunting trying to find the right one for you. A post on BusinessInsider.com.au provided some wine options for people who love their beer. If you like […]

Alcohol Consumption Guidelines Review Called for

University of Queensland drug and alcohol experts have called for the thresholds for safer alcohol to be lowered, following a global alcohol consumption study. The recommendations were made by Wayne Hall and Jason Connor from the university’s Centre for Youth Substance Abuse Research. The study was co-authored by more than 100 academics from around the […]

Anti-Anxiety Drug May Reverse Alcohol Effects on Brain

Researchers at the Queensland University of Technology have found that an anti-anxiety drug has the ability to reverse the negative effects of alcohol on our brains. Researchers were able to reverse the effects of 15 weeks of binge-like alcohol consumption in 2 weeks. The drug was effective in treating the anxiety-like behaviours associated with withdrawal […]

Drinking Behaviour of Australians Continues To Improve

The drinking habits of Australians continues to improve, proof that Responsible Service of Alcohol efforts are working. A comprehensive study conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare at the end of 2016, looked into the drinking habits of 24,000 Australians, revealing that as a nation our alcohol consumption is steadily declining. More and […]