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Here’s How to Drink Moderately

With the holiday season fast approaching, it’s as good a time as any to get your drinking under control, particularly given all the temptation you’re likely to face over the coming months. If you’re trying to start drinking more responsibly and moderately, here are some things you should remember. 1. Keep in mind why you […]

Take Control of Your Health and Only Drink in Moderation

A recent reminder to take care of our health came as National Stroke Week was observed. According to the Stroke Foundation, in Australia there will be 56,000 strokes this year alone. In other words that’s one stroke every 9 minutes. More than 10,000 of these strokes will occur among Queensland residents. Strokes affect the brain […]

Why Alcohol and Sport or Exercise Don’t Mix

Having a drink after a game has become common place for most Australians that play sport, even professional athletes. But is this drinking after physical activity good for you? A recent article on TheConversation.com says drinking after exercising is a bad idea, especially very strenuous activity. The writer highlights that high intensity activity such as […]

Study Shows Alcohol Can Damage Cells So Drink Wisely

A recent study has shown that alcohol can actually cause permanent damage to cells, so drink wisely. The study helps explain the link between excessive drinking and cancer, proving that alcohol can damage the body’s reserve of stem cells. Researchers found in mice that alcohol caused cancer by scrambling the DNA in cells, resulting in […]

Study Reveals Why People Get Aggressive when they Drink

Researchers have pinpointed why people get aggressive after they drink alcohol. This study by researchers at the UNSW School  of Psychology found that the brain areas normally involved in tempering aggression, the prefrontal cortex shuts off when people drink, after just 2 drinks.This is contrary to previously held beliefs that alcohol related aggression is caused […]

Fremantle Beach Allows Alcohol

There is now only one place in Australia where you can have a drink on the beach, legally – Fremantle. According to SkyNews.com.au Bathers Beach House has been granted a liquor license after a wait of over 6 months. Owners are understandably pleased with the approval, being able to offer food and drinks services on […]

Delicious Baileys Choc Chip Cookie Treat

These Choc Chip Cookie Cups are serious indulgence and quite easy to make. They’re perfect for the holiday season and are sure to be a hit with all the adults. You can leave out the alcohol if you’re making them for kids and if you want to add a festive twist, just fill them with […]

How-to Video – The Sound of Silver Cocktail

I always love to learn how to make a new cocktail and this one is particularly delicious and sure to be a hit with men and women. The Sound of Silver is a creative, “fancy” cocktail with a fancy name. Let’s watch the video to see why. Remember whether you’re drinking cocktails, beer, vodka on […]

Why We Should Drink Less as We Get Older

As a server of alcohol it’s important to know how alcohol affects your customers and what may happen if you serve alcohol to minors, which is against the law. While the RSA course will teach how to serve alcohol responsibly and in accordance with Australian legislation, did you know that age and gender also affects the […]

650 Drink Drivers Caught in WA over Christmas

Although Christmas is a distant memory by now, as we approach Australia Day it’s important we don’t have a repeat of what happened over the Christmas period during which 650 people were caught drink driving. According to WA Police, over 170 motorists tested positive to drugs in the state over Christmas and 650 motorists tested […]