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RSA Update: Reducing Drink Driving

It seems like almost every day someone somewhere in Oz is caught for drink driving despite efforts to educate the public about the dangers of getting behind the wheel after consuming alcohol. The most recent incident reported by www.News.com.au was of a man who was detected driving with a blood alcohol level, 4 times over […]

Decrease in Alcohol Related Incidents on Adelaide Buses

According to a report on Adelaidenow.com.au the instances of drunk passengers causing disturbances on public buses is quite a common occurrence. The post on Adelaidenow.com.au quoted statistics from Transfield Services which revealed that drunk passengers and those drinking alcohol were responsible for almost half of the incidents on buses travelling on 2 of Adelaide’s busiest […]

Risks Involved with Drink Driving

One of the aspects of responsible drinking is ensuring that you arrange safe transport home and do not engage in drink driving. Although most people think they can handle driving after a few drinks, countless studies (and statistics) have proven that alcohol reduces a person’s ability to drive safely. Even those who show few visible […]

Drink Drivers Cars to be fitted with Interlock

All drink driver’s cars will be fitted with interlock devices at their own cost under a new reform of Vic’s road laws.  The crackdown on drink drivers is expected to catch about 17,000 motorists a year who exceed the legal alcohol limit. This is a serious issue in a state where 20 to 30 per […]

Dangers of Drink Driving

Source : Alan Cleaver Nearly every day we hear of a drunk driver somewhere that caused an accident, sometimes a fatal one. What is it about alcohol and driving that makes it such a lethal combination. Most people feel absolutely fine after having a few drinks and surely should be able to drive safely? That […]