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Alcohol Interlock Device Saving Lives

An article on SunshineCoastDaily recently revealed that the alcohol interlock devices in the vehicles of drink drivers is saving lives on the road. The interlock connects to the ignition of a vehicle, stopping it from starting if the driver has been consuming alcohol. Drivers have to demonstrate a  zero alcohol content to start their vehicle and are […]

System being Developed to Stop Drink Driving

In the future cars could come fitted with driver alcohol detection systems that stop the car from moving if the driver is over the legal limit. The system is currently being developed according to American laws and is expected to save countless lives, as drink driving is a major cause of fatal crashes on U.S […]

Victorian Drink Drivers Who Blow Over .10 To Lose Cars

Victorian drink drivers that blow over .10 could lose their cars  under tough new penalties. As the tough new drink driving penalties are rolled out by police across the state, drivers who are caught over the limit (.10 and above) face having their vehicles impounded. Due to the crackdown, its is estimated that at least […]

Responsible Service of Alcohol : Don’t Serve Minors

Youth are abusing alcohol more and more. In this video we see why we must refuse alcohol to minors and ask for an ID if someone looks young. Binge drinking has become a particularly big problem for all drinkers not just minors, which is another issue discussed in the video that we as alcohol servers […]

ACT Road Safety Laws Come in Line with Other Jurisdictions

Soon drivers in The ACT won’t be allowed to drink while driving, bringing laws in The Territory in line with other jurisdictions in Australia. It sounds strange but currently Canberra drivers can consume alcohol when they are behind the wheel, providing they stay under the legal blood alcohol limit – but this is set to change. […]

NSW Fines low but Drivers still drink driving

Source: http://www.abc.net.au/news/stories/2010/11/04/3056724.htm?site=sydney A police officer issues a breathalyser test to a passing motorist Despite the best efforts of police, the number of drink drivers in NSW is still alarmingly high and authorities are concerned. Dubbo police have expressed their disappointment over catching drivers with high levels of alcohol in their blood. On an article on […]