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Don’t Drink and Drive or Ride!

A warning for people who drink and drive or those who think they can get around the law by riding their horse instead of driving a car or motorbike while intoxicated. A 51 year old woman was recently arrested by police in Logan, south of Brisbane after allegedly riding her horse to a tavern while […]

Roadside Breath Tests and Crash Leads to Arrest

A driver who was caught by police in February at a stationary roadside breath test site was sentenced in local court and fined $880 and had his driver’s licence disqualified for five months. The  man was stopped by police and at first did not believe he was over the limit, saying that the device must […]

Fatal Road Crash May Have Been Linked to Alcohol

The worst accidents seem to be the ones caused by drink driving, as this picture of a mangled vehicle so clearly demonstrates. Police believe alcohol was a key factor in a crash involving a B-Double truck and a mini-van which claimed the lives of 3 men travelling in the mini-van. It is believed the 3 […]

What the Law Says About Drinking Behind the Wheel

Drinking behind the wheel is a terrible idea, we all know this but what exactly does the law say? In Australia laws differ from state to state. In NSW, all drivers are prevented from drinking alcohol while driving and the same applies for Victorian drivers. In Queensland its an offence to drink alcohol while driving […]

Alcohol Interlock Device Saving Lives

An article on SunshineCoastDaily recently revealed that the alcohol interlock devices in the vehicles of drink drivers is saving lives on the road. The interlock connects to the ignition of a vehicle, stopping it from starting if the driver has been consuming alcohol. Drivers have to demonstrate a  zero alcohol content to start their vehicle and are […]

System being Developed to Stop Drink Driving

In the future cars could come fitted with driver alcohol detection systems that stop the car from moving if the driver is over the legal limit. The system is currently being developed according to American laws and is expected to save countless lives, as drink driving is a major cause of fatal crashes on U.S […]


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