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Five Slushie Cocktails

If trying new cocktails is your thing, you wont want to miss trying out these 5 delicious and beautiful Slushie Cocktails. And if you’re hosting a shindig, these double as an adult dessert. Watch how easy they are to make.

Koreans Try Cocktails

It’s hard to believe there are people out there who have never tried a cocktail, although they have consumed alcohol. I know what you’re thinking, they don’t know what they’re missing right? Well let’s see if cocktails are as popular as we think. In this video Koreans try cocktails for the first time, let’s see […]

Is the $208 Cocktail Worth It?

Would you spend $208 on a cocktail or are you more for quantity over quality. Well thankfully these guys have done the taste test for you, so you don’t have to spend your hard earned money unless it’s really worth it. Let’s see if the $208 cocktail beats the good ole’ $6 cocktail?

Is Alcohol Altering Your Personality?

While we know alcohol has a way of making us more outgoing, are we aware of how much our own personalities change when we drink? According to a study by a team of psychologists from Missouri, we see ourselves differently when drunk to how others see us. The study examined the behaviour of 156 participants […]

Drinking Game Ends in Tragedy

A teenager is dead after playing drinking games with here family and friends on her 18th birthday. A Perth inquest has heard that the teen, Nicole Emily Bicknell, had a fatal blood alcohol reading of 0.319 per cent after playing the drinking games. She consumed large quantities of melon-flavoured liqueur, pre-mixed vodka drinks and 95 […]

Sydney Drinking Laws Relaxed for More Venues

The lockout laws in Sydney have once again come into the spotlight with the NSW Government relaxing trading restrictions for more venues. An additional 7 pubs and clubs in the CBD and Kings Cross precinct will be allowed to keep their doors open until 2:00am instead of 1:30am. They will also be allowed to serve […]