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Ways to Not Get Too Drunk

Here’s how to be a “mature” drinker according to Esquire.com Be the first to drink so you can set the tone and opt for a scotch rather than a Jaegerbomb. It’s not a competition, don’t try to “outdrink” your friends. Remember this saying “better a wasted drink than a wasted drinker”. Count your drinks and […]

Most Compatible Cocktails According to Your Starsign

Everyone has their favourite cocktail and there may be certain tastes you gravitate towards and there may be a reason. An interesting article on Elle.com.au details the most compatible cocktails according to your starsign. According to the article if the stars can predict your personality, then why not your drink of choice? The writers paired […]

Festive Cocktail How-To

Here’s a pumpkin spice cocktail to remind you of an American Christmas. This one is a delicious reminder of the festive season and it’s refreshing enough to enjoy throughout the Australian summer.  

The Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Your Skin

It’s finally holiday season again and for most of us that means drinking, usually alot of it but too much drinking or drinking more than usual can actually cause havoc on the skin. Here’s how 7 common alcoholic drinks affect your skin negatively. Tequila – tequila has the least sugar so it should have the […]

Cocktails Good Enough to Eat

If you’re hosting a brunch or want to add a whimsical touch to a party, these candy-inspired cocktails are a great idea, the adult’s version of candy at a party. Watch the video to learn how they’re made but be warned just because they taste like candy, doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch, so […]

Cereal Cocktails Are a Thing Now

A restaurant in Arizona has a hit on their hands with their new ‘cereal cocktails’. Not sure if its something that will take off worldwide and make it to our shores soon, but if you really love cereal, you could try to make it for yourself.


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