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How Weight Watchers Can Still Enjoy Alcohol

If you’re watching your weight, especially if you’re on the popular Weight Watchers programme, you’ve probably contemplated whether all your hard work will be outdone by a few alcoholic drinks. According to Weight Watchers, the occasional drink is permitted in moderation. On the programme light beer and wine are good choices if you really must […]

Opening Wine without a Wine Opener

If you find yourself somewhere with a bottle of wine you just can’t resist but with no wine opener in sight, here’s a cool trick to open a wine bottle with a spoon. Whether you want to save the day or just look cool, learn this trick.  

Man Donates Toe to Bar for “Sourtoe Cocktail”

In slightly bizarre and quite grotesque news, a man who lost 3 toes to frostbite has donated his toes to a Canadian hotel bar for its ‘Sourtoe Cocktail’. The Yukon hotel’s bar has been offering shots of whiskey with a human toe in it since the 1970s after a rumrunner in the 1920s began the […]

Easy Tequila Cocktails

Tequila cocktails can be just as suave and sophisticated as whisky cocktails. Just watch this video and see. Here are 3 sophisticated tequila cocktails for the discerning gent or lady.

Delicious Coffee Cocktail Recipes

If you can’t decide between an after dinner cocktail or good cup of coffee, these are the ideal combination. If you like your cocktails with a caffeine kick why not try one of these? In this video you’ll learn how to make 1. Pharmaceutical Stimulant 2.Bonaparte Cocktail 3.The Flying Frenchman 4. Insomniac 5.Espresso Martini