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Easy Vodka Cocktail Recipes

Here are some easy vodka drinks to make as a night cap or to wind down at the end of the day. Because vodka is the star of these cocktails, you don’t have to worry about that headache that you so often experience when you drink dark spirits like rum.

Berliners Summer Trend Includes Iced Alcohol Cocktail

Although Summer is a couple seasons away we could take a leaf out of the Germans’ book. Although Germans are known for their beer drinking, people in Berlin are apparently turning to frozen cocktails to stay cool in the heat. If you’d like to give a ‘poptail’ a try, here’s how to make them using […]

Try This Impressive Cocktail Recipe

If you like fruity cocktails you’ll love this Midori Illusion cocktail. Midori is a melon flavoured liqueur and this cocktail combines it with orange juice for a super refreshing creation to complement you brunch, lunch or after dinner drink. Here’s how its made,

Awesome Cocktails to Serve at Brunch

Some say brunch without booze is just breakfast. So here is an awesome cocktail to turn your meal into a memorable one. This Mimosa cocktail has been a bruncheon favourite for a reason and with just a few ingredients, its amazing how delicious and refreshing it is.