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Watermelon Cocktails to Make at Home

I discovered the perfect cocktail to welcome in Spring and the warm, sunshiney days that come with it. Watermelon mimosas are perfect for those Spring brunches with their sweet, bubbly taste and they’re super simple to make. Make the watermelon juice a day before and chill before serving. To make the juice, blend the watermelon […]

Make Your Own Rose’ Candy

No rose’ wine is not made by mixing red and white wine as many people often assume. Also rose’ is the only wine that doesn’t get better with age, so if you have some leftover Rose’ here’s an excellent way to make use of it – DIY wine gummy bears. These are so delicious and […]

Sparkling Wine Doesn’t Require Own Glasses

An article on Lifehacker.com.au informed us that when building up our home bar, we don’t need to have fancy sparkling wine glasses because sparkling wine can be drank out of regular wine glasses. Although champagne flutes do keep the bubbles in your champagne for longer, they don’t do anything for the taste. Also its difficult […]

This is Why You Should be Drinking Champagne

Scientists studying Alzheimers and Dementia found that having 3 glasses a day may actually prevent the onset of these diseases typically associated with old age. A compound found in the black grapes used to make champagne is the magic ingredient that may ward off brain diseases and increase spatial memory. The study was the first […]

Champagne Region in France earns World Heritage Status

Only sparkling wine made in the Champagne region of France can be labelled “champagne” and now the iconic region has been named a World Heritage site. According to a post on Hospitality Magazine, The UNESCO World Heritage Committee who decide on World Heritage Sites, have decided to include the Champagne Slopes, Houses and Cellars on its […]

Breathing New Life into Champagne

  There is seldom an occasion anywhere in the world that doesn’t feature champagne. From graduations to weddings, champagne is a firm favourite for most of life’s celebrations.   Although real champagne is only produced in the region in France bearing the same name, many people mistakenly refer to sparkling wine as champagne.There is seldom […]