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Queensland Government Scraps Junk Food and Alcohol Ads

The Queensland government recently announced the banning of junk food and alcohol advertisements at government-owned outdoor sites. The junk food ban comes as an effort to address childhood obesity including restrictions for out-of-home ads featuring high fat, sugar and salt products and alcohol. The ban will be implemented in consultation with the advertising industry, health […]

Mother Discovered Secret to Removing Red Wine Stains

Ever wondered what’s the key to getting a dreaded red wine stain out, afterall they are notoriously difficult to get rid of whether on your favourite top or the carpet. There’s a woman who believes she found the cure, having shared the hack on the Facebook group ‘Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It’. The cure […]

Family Wants Drink Driver Jailed Following Fatal Crash

A drink driver who crashed into a family on a suburban street has blamed the crash on heartburn medication and asked the judge for mercy, after returning a blood alcohol reading nearly four times the legal limit. The man was traveling at more than 120km per hour at the time when his car crashed into […]

Australians Get Vegemite Flavoured Alcohol

Vegemite is a rather contentious food product with some Australians loving it and others hating it. Whether you love or hate it, the spread is undeniably Australian and Australian distillery Archie Rise has turned this icon into a spirit. The drink which is available online is packed with the same flavour as the original spread […]

Study Finds Alcohol Consumption Soaring Globally

A new study revealed that globally, alcohol use continues to rise and is expected to keep growing the coming years. The study found that in the past 27 years, the volume of alcohol consumed annually increased by 70 per cent. 21 billion litres of alcohol was consumed in 1990 and by 2017 the number had […]

Dublin’s First Alcohol-free Pub

Ireland’s first alcohol free bar has opened in Dublin and there’s no food or alcohol on the menu but plenty of no-alcohol spirits, beers, wines and cocktails. Owner of the Virgin Mary Bar, Vaughan Yates said the venue is definitely a bar and not a cafe opening between 4pm and 11pm. He explains that lower […]

Awesome Game of Thrones Cocktails

Although Game of Thrones has come to an end, one that most people aren’t too happy about, you can still relive the glory days with these 3 Game of Thrones inspired party cocktails. The first is an ode to the Mother of Dragons which is as dramatic as Kaleesi herself. Watch the video and give […]

What to Avoid if You’re Trying to Lose Weight

If you’re trying to lose weight, some health experts advocate cutting down on alcohol especially if you enjoy cocktails or the more high calorie drinks. The occasional alcoholic drink won’t do your diet harm but one drink that you may want to keep away from is high-alcohol craft beer.That is because it is full of […]