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The Price of Beer Being Pushed Up by Climate Change

A new scientific study suggests that drought has affected regions where barley is grown, causing a steep rise in the cost of beer. According to a paper published in the journal Nature Plants, many barley producing regions have been hard hit by the arid conditions, blamed on climate change. While beer is the most popular […]

Drinking Moderately Over the Summer Holidays

The Summer holidays are what we wait all year for but many people have a tendency to over-indulge especially when it comes to alcohol consumption. Schoolies is one of those days when things get really out of hand. While many young people are shunning alcohol at rates never before seen in the country, due to […]

Don’t Try Freezing Your Vodka

Apparently freezing your vodka isn’t such a good idea after all. While we’ve been placing our vodka in the freezer for years, an expert now says putting your vodka in the freezer only dulls its flavour. Grey Goose creator Francois Thibault, sticking vodka in the freezer is the number one mistake people make with vodka. […]

NT Police Seize and Destroy Huge Amounts of Alcohol

Police in the NT have to destroy huge amounts of alcohol that were seized during attempts to smuggle them into “dry” communities. There’s been a push for police to stop drugs and alcohol being smuggled around the state, where substance abuse has caused loads of problems. Police say criminals are making huge profits by purchasing […]

Moderate Drinking the Drinks Buzzword for Generation Z

According to reports, Australians are drinking less alcohol than they have at any time over the past 50 years because many are becoming more conscious of their health, fitness and well-being. This shift has prompted a re-think of the product development departments of major alcoholic beverages companies particularly given that millenials have become so accustomed […]

Study Claims Alcohol Dangerous for Diabetics

A recent study found an alarming correlation between people who have diabetes and suicide – in relation to alcohol consumption. Researchers discovered that mental health problems associated with diabetes may lead to a higher risk of death by suicide in people with this condition. The research was conducted by academics at the University of Helsinki […]

Darwin Mayor Says Floor Price Won’t Help

The alcohol floor price introduced in the Northern Territory has been controversial but the latest voice to add to the criticism is Darwin Lord Mayor Kon Vatskalis. The mayor says the alcohol floor price won’t work because true alcoholics will pay any price at all to get their fix, this comes after NT Consumer Affairs […]

The Real Effects of Alcohol on Your Skin

The party season is almost upon us which means we can expect to indulge in alcohol more often than normal. This can cause havoc on your skin, unless you are prepared. Unfortunately experts say alcohol is one of the worst things for your skin and excessive consumption also has an effect on liver function, immunity, […]

Study Finds Over 50s Misusing Alcohol More

Research presented at an international alcohol conference recently claims that adults over the age of 50 in Australia and New Zealand are increasingly drinking at hazardous levels and requiring hospitalisation. The researchers from Massey University, the University of Auckland and the University of New South Wales found that now it’s vital for aged-care workers and […]


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