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Fun Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe

Who said cocktails always have to be the same old combinations? Sometimes you just want something new and fun and at those times, this is the perfect cocktail to try – A Jack and Coke Float What you need: Jack Daniels Coca-cola vanilla ice cream tall glass (or mason jar as in the pic) What […]

Research Shows Drinking in our Genes

Ever wondered why alcohol tastes good to some people while others choose not to drink? According to new research our alcohol preference could come from out genetic make-up. Our genes actually cause alcohol to taste different to different people. This video explains,  

Effects of SA Lockout Laws May be Exaggerated

According to research by University of Adelaide law lecturer Dr Mark Giancaspro, the benefits of SA 3:00am lockout laws on alcohol fuelled violence may have been exaggerated. According to Dr Giancaspro lockout laws might not be the only reason why levels of alcohol-fuelled violence have dropped in South Australia. It probably has more to do with a […]

Alcohol Fuelled Brawl Leaves One Man in a Coma

Pictured above is the alleged perpetrator of a punch that left a 29 year old Irish man in hospital in an induced coma. The man is being led away by police following a brawl which allegedly started due to someone jumping a queue outside a nightclub at Bondi Junction last weekend. The victim, Jason Cierans was […]

WA Bars and Pubs Get Extended Trading Hours on Sundays

The 10pm trading limit for pubs, taverns and small bars in Western Australia on Sundays has been lifted by the state government. Legislation has been introduced that will allow venues to trade until midnight on Sundays. This means that licensees will no longer have to apply for an extended trading hours permits if they want […]

Concern Over Rise in Vic Ice and Alcohol Emergencies

An increase in the number of alcohol related ambulance calls in Victoria is concerning especially because paramedics say they get more alcohol call outs than ice and drug related call outs. According to a report by health organisation, Turning Point Alcohol & Drug Centre, there was an 11.8 per cent increase in ambulances attending alcohol-related emergencies […]


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