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This is Why Some Drinks Make Your More Hungover

We all know hangovers are the worst, and we all do our best to avoid them, drink alot of water, eat before we drink, drink moderately but it still seems some tipples cause a worse hangover than others. Not all hangovers are created equal and in fact some make you a little miserable while others […]

Alcohol Violence Gets Thugs Banned

Following 2 violent incidents at nightclubs in Queensland, Maryborough nightclub patrons have been warned to stay clear of any violence or risk being banned from clubs in the area under the liquor accord. A Maryborough nightclub owner, Brendan Heit warned patrons that violence would not be tolerated after water polo player Cole Miller was killed and […]

Tas Teen Death Sparks Alcohol Warning

A Tasmanian teenager from Hobart has lost his life after jumping from a moving taxi while intoxicated. The young man, just 19 years old, together with a group of friends was trying to avoid paying the taxi fare. A Coronial warning has been issued after Coroner Olivia Taggart found that the young man had a […]

Sydney Company Being Launched to Help Fight Hangovers

If you live in Sydney and like to drink but are prone to painful hangovers the next day, you will be pleased to hear the “Hangover Cure” is opening in your city next month. The business claims to treat people with hangovers with an intravenous drip. There are concerns however from the state’s opposition that […]

Research Shows Food, not Alcohol Driving Pub Visits

Roy Morgan research shows that most of the Australians visiting pubs are going for a meal rather than just a drink. Pub owners should be pleased because this is good for business. According to the research, in the 12 months to June 2015, 43 per cent of Australians over the legal drinking age visited a pub or […]

Study Investigating Impacts of Alcohol Regulations Underway

A study is currently underway at the University of Wollongong investigating the effects of alcohol regulations including the lockouts in NSW that have caused such contention and recent protests. The impacts of alcohol and drug regulations on usage patterns, crime rates, traffic accidents and workplace productivity are being studied by academics at the university’s Faculty […]

Fun Alcoholic Cocktail Recipe

Who said cocktails always have to be the same old combinations? Sometimes you just want something new and fun and at those times, this is the perfect cocktail to try – A Jack and Coke Float What you need: Jack Daniels Coca-cola vanilla ice cream tall glass (or mason jar as in the pic) What […]

Research Shows Drinking in our Genes

Ever wondered why alcohol tastes good to some people while others choose not to drink? According to new research our alcohol preference could come from out genetic make-up. Our genes actually cause alcohol to taste different to different people. This video explains,