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Do Drinkers Live Longer?

The issue of whether or not drinking alcohol is beneficial to your health is a contentious one with alot of conflicting research, some suggesting that moderate consumption can extend life by benefiting the heart and others suggesting that there is no safe alcohol levels. Moderate drinking which is described as between 2 and 7 glasses […]

Melbourne to Host Good Beer Week in May

If you love your beer you won’t want to miss the latest Good Beer Week, famous for beer and food pairings. From 10 to 19 May, Good Beer Week will return to Melbourne and a number of events will be taking place around the city and Victoria. Events will take place at Queens Victoria Market, […]

The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Beer

With all the options out there for beer it can become an overwhelming decision, especially when deciding how much to spend to get a good one, and are the expensive ones even worth the price tag? In this video a beer expert guesses between a cheap beer and a more expensive variety. Let’s see if […]

US Study finds Small Amount of Pesticides in Wine

An American public interest research group has discovered a small amount of glyphosate in some beers and wine. Glyphosate is a pesticide or weed killer. The study investigated 5 wines and 15 beers and found trace amounts of the poison in them. The study examined popular wines like Miller Lite, Budweiser, Corona, Heineken, Guinness, Stella […]

Drinking Too Much? Here’s What to Do!

If you’ve noticed you’re drinking a little too much when you’re out for the night or at a social gathering there are some things you can do to rein in your drinking, for your health, safety and reputation. It is recommended that we do not exceed 2 standard alcoholic beverages a day but sometimes we […]

Low-Alcohol Cocktails to Enjoy Throughout Summer

If your resolution is to drink more responsibly this year, you may want to opt for more low alcohol cocktails that can be enjoyed throughout Summer and even into Autumn. Some of the best low alcohol cocktails include low alcohol beer Rosemary and bitters mimosa Riesling spritz Mojito mocktail Vermouth Aperol Float Read more at: […]

Qatar Doubles the Price of Alcohol Overnight

The hosts of the 2022 World Cup, Qatar has implemented a massive tax on alcohol, doubling the price overnight. The country introduced ‘sin tax’ on January 1st and the latest announcement was that a 100 per cent tax would be introduced which resulted in long queues of consumers stocking up on alcohol. The Muslim Gulf […]

The Price of Beer Being Pushed Up by Climate Change

A new scientific study suggests that drought has affected regions where barley is grown, causing a steep rise in the cost of beer. According to a paper published in the journal Nature Plants, many barley producing regions have been hard hit by the arid conditions, blamed on climate change. While beer is the most popular […]