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Do You Drink More Than The Average Australian?

According to statistics we only drink about 72 per cent as much alcohol per person as they did in the 1970s. When it comes to beer, we drink only 40 per cent of what they did back then. What has increased, is our love of wine. The Australian Bureau of Statistics estimated that 21 per […]

A Beer That Will Never Make You Drunk

Carlton and United Breweries (CUB) has released a beer that tastes and smells like the usual but has absolutely no alcohol. The brewery  one of the country’s oldest, says people have been asking for it and they finally answered, a beer that doesn’t contain alcohol but also doesn’t compromise on taste. The beer is aimed […]

Fears That Alcohol Free Beer Could Lure Young Drinkers

Carlton & United Breweries have released their new alcohol-free beer ‘Carlton Zero’ beer, which the company says tastes, smells and sounds like full strength beer. According to the company, consumers had been calling for a way to drink responsibly while still enjoying a great tasting beer. The drink is a first for Carlton that will […]

Drinking at a 50 Year Low in Australia

According to data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics, Australians are consuming less alcohol than they have in the last 50 years. The data reveals that 186 million litres of pure alcohol was consumed in 2016/17 across Australia, this is the lowest amount since 1961-62. Overall this equates to 9.4 litres of pure alcohol for […]

What to Drink if You Can’t Drink Alcohol

According to a DrinkWise study, the number of people in Australia choosing to abstain from alcohol for various reasons is increasing. In 2017, the study found that 20 per cent of Australians abstained from alcohol – this was a 9 per cent increase from the previous decade. But if you’re thinking of cutting back on […]

Wines That Beer-lovers will Appreciate

If you’re a beer lover trying to break into the world of wine, it can be a challenge. With so many varieties, makes and price ranges it can be daunting trying to find the right one for you. A post on BusinessInsider.com.au provided some wine options for people who love their beer. If you like […]

New Cannabis Beer Brewed in Canada

Canada’s Province Brands are the first to develop a beer brewed from cannabis. The marijuana beer is not a new idea but previous brews infused beer with THC etc. This is the first beer brewed from the stalks, stems and roots of the cannabis plant. Scientists at the company have been working on the brew […]

Young Americans Destroying Their Livers due to Binge Drinking

According to a new study, an increasing number of young people in America are dying from liver disease. Researchers found that both men and women were binge drinking to the extent that liver disease is rapidly increasing in the country. Mortality due to cirrhosis and liver cancer in the United States, 1999-2016: observational study” was […]


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