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Hotel Fights Back with $5 Beers

What has been dubbed the “beer war” in Perth has seen many pubs and bars drop their prices to attract drinkers. In fact the latest establishment to drop its pint prices is the Claremont Hotel, offering $5 pints of Wild Yak as a one off promotion for its Sunday session. The venue already has $5 […]

Beer or Wine for The Weight Conscious

We’ve all heard that drinking wine or beer in moderation is good for your health, helping your heart and lowering your risk of type 2 diabetes and gallstones. Regardless of what you eat or drink, too many calories will cause you to gain weight. It’s important to know the calorie count of your favourite wines […]

Drinking Beer Can Help Prevent Alzheimers

According to a recent study drinking a few pints of beer a day actually does the brain good, actually cutting the risk of Alzheimer’s. In fact scientists found that a limited daily intake of beer reduces brain inflammation and helps flush out harmful toxins. Scientists say 2 medium sized glasses of wine or a few […]

Alcohol May Soon be Thing of The Past According to Research

According to recent research, Western societies could give up alcohol in a generation, and opt instead for hangover free synthetic alcohol. “Alcosynth” a synthetic alcohol will give the same effect as alcohol without the associated hangover, sickness and throbbing headache. Professor David Nutt, a former government drugs advisor teaching at Imperial College also believed tobacco […]

Tax Plans Target Beer

A radical tax hike has been proposed by anti-alcohol lobbyists which would see us saying goodbye to cheap schooners and pints. Under the proposed changes excise on alcohol will rise by 10 per cent. The tax on draught beer would also be increased to match the tax imposed on packaged beer at bottleshops. Light beer […]

The Worst Alcoholic Drinks for Your Skin

It’s finally holiday season again and for most of us that means drinking, usually alot of it but too much drinking or drinking more than usual can actually cause havoc on the skin. Here’s how 7 common alcoholic drinks affect your skin negatively. Tequila – tequila has the least sugar so it should have the […]