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Most Compatible Cocktails According to Your Starsign

Everyone has their favourite cocktail and there may be certain tastes you gravitate towards and there may be a reason. An interesting article on Elle.com.au details the most compatible cocktails according to your starsign. According to the article if the stars can predict your personality, then why not your drink of choice? The writers paired […]

Festive Cocktail How-To

Here’s a pumpkin spice cocktail to remind you of an American Christmas. This one is a delicious reminder of the festive season and it’s refreshing enough to enjoy throughout the Australian summer.  

Study Shows 20 Per Cent of Dines Never Leave a Tip

A study from OpenTable shows that only one in five Australians always or frequently leave a tip when dining out. Researchers found that almost half of Australian diners (47 per cent) would tip 10 per cent on the total¬† bill. A staggering 21 per cent of Australian diners say they never leave a tip. Our […]

How To Make Simple Syrup

Any good cocktail maker knows that you need a good simple syrup to accompany a number of sweeter alcoholic drinks. Once you get the basic recipe down, you can begin to make various flavours to add some depth to your cocktails. Watch this video to see how simple it is,  

Amazing Fire and Ice Cocktail Trick

If you want to step up your cocktail making game, this cool technique inspired by everyone’s favourite fantasy show Game of Thrones is definitely one you should try. The Song of Ice and Fire cocktail technique may seem a little complicated but the effect is totally worth it. Just watch and see.

Clever Ways To Stop Wasting Behind The Bar

Thinking of ways to eliminate wastage behind the bar can be tricky but in this video from Hospitality Magazine you’ll learn some clever tricks to save your business cash. Even the rind from a lemon which has had its juice squeezed out has a purpose when given to a clever bartender. Let’s watch and see […]

Advanced Bartending Tips

If you want to take your bartending to ¬†the next level,why not try this cool smoke bomb trick. It’s simple enough for anyone to try and is sure to get your those coveted extra tips.