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Insane and Amazing Melbourne Cocktails

Melbourne is one of the best cities to live in and features consistently on the list of the world’s most liveable cities. There’s another reason to love living in Melbourne, one you can enjoy even if you’re just visiting, the enviable bar and restaurant scene. Melbourne’s bars and restaurants are legendary and it seems bartenders […]

Bartenders Tips: How to Frost Drinking Glasses

Bartenders, one of the basic tricks of bartending includes not only knowing which glasses to use for which drinks but also how to serve drinks to maximize a customer’s enjoyment. One such tip that bartenders (and home entertainers) should know is glass frosting.  Many people enjoy drinking beer or other cocktails from a frosted mug or glass […]

The Key to Fiery Cocktails

With all the talk these days about bartenders need for innovation and creativity, we are always looking for new ways to enjoy our alcohol. But for those of us who aren’t experienced enough to attempt flair bartender or don’t have the skill to create our own cocktails, there are a faithful few fiery, hot cocktails […]