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Tasmanian Hospitality Skills Shortage

The hospitality industry in Tasmania is experiencing a skills shortage, particularly among chefs, putting its fine dining reputation at risk, a recent article on Abc.net.au explained. Apprentices are in high demand and literacy problems seem to be hampering progress among apprentices. To find out more, read the article here.

Hire The Best Hospitality Staff with These Tips

Isn’t it strange that the unemployment rate is rising, yet the hospitality industry is finding it difficult to recruit and retain staff? I recently came across an article on Hospitality Magazine which claimed to have 3 easy steps to choosing the right hospitality employees. Click here to find out for yourself if they work. One […]

World Class Cocktail Week Event Program Announced

Cocktail enthusiasts be sure not to miss this! The program for the World Class Cocktail Week which begins May 25th has now been released and will be held at some of the most prestigious venues in the country. The Rook, The Roosevelt, Chophouse and The Animal in Sydney; and Mr Wow’s Emporium, New Gold Mountain […]