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Study Shows 20 Per Cent of Dines Never Leave a Tip

A study from OpenTable shows that only one in five Australians always or frequently leave a tip when dining out. Researchers found that almost half of Australian diners (47 per cent) would tip 10 per cent on the totalĀ  bill. A staggering 21 per cent of Australian diners say they never leave a tip. Our […]

How to Stock Your First Bar

If you’re thinking of starting your own bar at home to make your favourite cocktails, there are a few basics other than the ingredients themselves that you’ll need first. In this video you’ll learn about the most important equipment needed when getting started, it’s that simple.

Best Melbourne Rooftop Bars

Melbourne has it’s fair share of bars but who doesn’t love an outdoor bar? And even better than drinking outdoors is drinking outside on a rooftop. The alcohol, the sunshine and the views combine to make these some of the best rooftop bars in Melbourne. Good Heavens (pictured) is the place to go for 80s […]

Top Hotel Bars in the World

What’s your favourite bar? Is it one of these on the list of the world’s best hotel bars? With big atmosphere and even bigger reputations, there bars are a destination in themselves. The American Bar at The Savoy, London. Rock Bar at Ayana Resort, Bali. The Bar Marmont at Chateau Marmont in West Hollywood. Bar […]

Clever Ways To Stop Wasting Behind The Bar

Thinking of ways to eliminate wastage behind the bar can be tricky but in this video from Hospitality Magazine you’ll learn some clever tricks to save your business cash. Even the rind from a lemon which has had its juice squeezed out has a purpose when given to a clever bartender. Let’s watch and see […]

Club Operators get Kings Cross Lifelong Ban

Two former operators of a Kings Cross club have been fined $7000 each and ordered to pay legal costs of $1500 each as well as being handed down a lifetime ban from holding a liquor license or managing any licensed venue. According to Deputy Premier and Minister for Justice Troy Grant, a life ban was […]

Improving Business with Colourful Cocktail Creations

Introducing new and fresh, colourful cocktails may be just the thing to rescue your bar or pub. While giving your cocktail menu a makeover may seem like a minor change, it can have a major impact on your business, as this video lesson explains. Just remember that cocktails are still alcoholic and Responsible Service of […]

Check Out This Cool Robotic Bar

There’s a cool new way to get your cocktails made, a robotic bartender. The robotic bar system, Makr Shakr is a world first, brought to Australia by International Trade and Procurement Services. The robot works with an app which users can enter their combinations which are then mixed by 2 robotic arms. The arms movements […]


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