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Cannabis Flavoured Vodka Makes its Debut

A number of countries are beginning to review their marijuana policies and one vodka brand is jumping on the cannabis bandwagon by producing a cannabis vodka. The drink is made with 100% natural cannabis terpenes to flavour the vodka so it doesn’t have the same psychoactive or medicinal properties that people usually take marijuana for. […]

The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Beer

With all the options out there for beer it can become an overwhelming decision, especially when deciding how much to spend to get a good one, and are the expensive ones even worth the price tag? In this video a beer expert guesses between a cheap beer and a more expensive variety. Let’s see if […]

Alcohol Licensee Gets Life Ban

The former licensee of a club in Sydney has been given a lifetime ban from the liquor industry for multiple licence breaches including allowing cocaine use at the venue. According to The NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority the licensee had exhibited one of the worst records of non-compliance ever. In addition to the ban […]

Californian Winery Making Rose’ Vodka

As if we don’t have enough flavours of vodka on the market already, a California based winery is now making a rose’ vodka. The drink apparently tastes like a rose’ but with higher proof or vodka watered down with rose’ wine. The drink is apparently crisp, fruity and has floral notes, “leaving a slight bubblegum […]

The Key Segments of the Australian Wine Drinker

According to the latest Australian Portraits 2019 report released by Wine Intelligence, there are 6 segments of Australian wine drinkers, related to their wine buying and consumption, they are: Engaged Explorers, Social Newbies, Mainstream Matures, Contented Treaters, Senior Bargain Hunters and Kitchen Casuals. The 2 segments that have experienced the most changes since the last […]

Real World Tips for Resisting Alcohol Cravings

If you’re cutting back on alcohol, giving up or just decided to drink more responsibly, here are some tips for resisting those alcohol cravings. Identify your motivation – why do you want to quit or cut down. Having a motivator will help you remember why you’re doing it, for you health, your kids etc. 2. […]


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