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Study Finds Over 50s Misusing Alcohol More

Research presented at an international alcohol conference recently claims that adults over the age of 50 in Australia and New Zealand are increasingly drinking at hazardous levels and requiring hospitalisation. The researchers from Massey University, the University of Auckland and the University of New South Wales found that now it’s vital for aged-care workers and […]

Study Shows Middle Aged Drinkers Care about Image Than Health

According to a study, middle-aged drinkers care more about whether their drinking habit harms their image than their health. Drinkers from older age groups believe as long as they aren’t vomiting, stumbling, slurring or suffering from hangovers, their health will remain unaffected by their drinking. The UK based study says many people disregard recommended drink […]

Try This Anti-Hangover Cocktail

Advertised as an “anti-hangover” cocktail, this low calorie tequila punch is great for those watching their weight and as a bonus you can avoid the nasty hangover effects the following morning. Watch the video on how its made and then give it a try yourself.

Online Tool Helps you Determine If You Have a Drinking Problem

An online tool released in the United States helps people with drinking problems, particularly those with alcohol-use disorder (AUD) – a medical condition that can be severe or mild. The Alcohol Treatment Navigator, developed by the US National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism for people who are concerned about their drinking but don’t know […]


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