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New Cannabis Beer Brewed in Canada

Canada’s Province Brands are the first to develop a beer brewed from cannabis. The marijuana beer is not a new idea but previous brews infused beer with THC etc. This is the first beer brewed from the stalks, stems and roots of the cannabis plant. Scientists at the company have been working on the brew […]

Young Americans Destroying Their Livers due to Binge Drinking

According to a new study, an increasing number of young people in America are dying from liver disease. Researchers found that both men and women were binge drinking to the extent that liver disease is rapidly increasing in the country. Mortality due to cirrhosis and liver cancer in the United States, 1999-2016: observational study” was […]

A Layman’s Guide to Beer

Other than wine, beer is undoubtedly the most popular alcoholic drink around the world. But there are so many varieties and brands that it can become confusing. Here’s a quick guide to beer to give you a clearer understanding of your favourite drink, Pale Ale The is the most popular beer style in Australia and […]

How Local Venues are Ditching Plastic Straws

We are all aware of the impact plastic is having on the environment which is one reason many venues are making the move away from single-use plastic straws. It was recently estimated by 2 scientists that there are roughly 8.3 billion straws washed up on shorelines around the world. In addition to publicans who have […]

Sydney Adopts ‘Ask for Angela’ Campaign

Sydney has adopted the ‘Ask for Angela’ campaign following its’ success after being conceived in Lincolnshire, England in 2015. The NSW State Government, Police Force, AHA NSW and City of Sydney have launched the joint safety initiative within Sydney’s on-premise venues. The concept involves patrons subtly asking a staff member at a venue for ‘Angela’ […]

Want to Enjoy Beer without Getting a Beer Belly? Read this!

Many people avoid beer because of phrases like “beer belly” or “beer gut” but it actually is possible to drink beer without gaining weight, or more specifically expanding that waist line. According to the experts beer doesn’t contribute any more calorie input that any other food or beverage so knowing how many calories there are […]

Popular Japanese Gin Arrives on Our Shores

As gin makes a comeback and Japanese spirits continue to grow in popularity around Australia, Beam Suntory has released it’s Japanese craft gin, Roku. Roku is available at selected retailers and venues around Australia. Roku in Japanese means six and this theme is what the drink is based on. The bottle is six sided (hexagonal […]

World’s Best Bar Revealed

The Spirit Awards have revealed the World’s Best Bar at a ceremony that took place in New Orleans. This year the American Bar at The Savoy London won the Riedel Crystal Trophy and the honour of being labelled as the best bar in the world. Categories included International Bartender of the Year which was won […]


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