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His and Her’s Vodka Cocktails

If you love to drink but are prone to hangovers, white spirits are the way to go because it’s been proven that you’re less likely to suffer a hangover after drinking white spirits like vodka. So depending on your tastes, here are 2 equally awesome vodka cocktails -The Harvey Wallbanger and the Cosmopolitan.

Mandatory Drug and Alcohol Treatment for Lawbreaking Vic Teens

A new plan from Matthew Guy’s Opposition Coalition could see Victorian teenagers who engage in risky behaviour and break the law forced to undergo mandatory residential drug and alcohol treatment by the Children’s Court. Mr Guy believes the plan could help improve community safety with a key service in the plan being post-release care. The […]

Coca Cola Launches First Alcohol Drink

Coca Cola is launching its first alcoholic drink to customers in Japan. The canned version of Chu-Hi, is an alcoholic beverage made with Shochu. It’s a drink made with rice, barley, sweet potatoes and other ingredients. Other than the Coca Cola company’s brief ownership of a wine subsidiary in 1983, this is it’s first soiree […]

Will Booze Destroy Your Diet?

So it’s the 4th month of the year and the diet you started at the beginning of 2018 is going strong but you just can’t stop craving a drink, is this going to crash your diet? Most weight loss programs don’t allow drinking even if its a light gin and tonic with a squeeze of […]

Paper Plane Cocktail How-to Video

Here’s a modern classic that can please the cocktail connoisseur and the cocktail newbie, originally made for a sophisticated Chicago bar. A delicious and bitter blend of Amaro and whisky, here’s how to make The Paper Plane cocktail.

When to Worry About Your Alcohol Consumption

If you’re starting to be concerned about your drinking or if people around you are concerned, chances are you should take a look at how much you’re really consuming. According to an article on GQ magazine’s website, men should not be drinking more than 21 units of alcohol per week, and even less for women. […]