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Drinking and Its Effect on Your Sleep Cycle

Although you may feel drowsy after a drink, alcohol isn’t actually good for your sleeping patterns and in fact it can disrupt your deepest sleep, the kind needed for rejuvenation. How Alcohol Disrupts Your Sleep Sleep is made up of 5 phases, each needed for our brains to rejuvenate for the following day’s activity. On […]

Why Some Drinks Make Hangovers Worse

We’ve all experienced it, that one alcoholic beverage that seems to make us feel more “hungover” than others. But why is that? Ultimately a hangover is caused by dehydration, so drinking plenty of water before, after and in between each alcoholic beverage is the key to avoidance. However this isn’t always possible.So what drinks should […]

Is Alcohol Altering Your Personality?

While we know alcohol has a way of making us more outgoing, are we aware of how much our own personalities change when we drink? According to a study by a team of psychologists from Missouri, we see ourselves differently when drunk to how others see us. The study examined the behaviour of 156 participants […]

Does Alcohol Affect Heart Rhythm

Here’s even more reason to avoid binge drinking, it can lead to abnormal heart rhythms, according to a study. Researchers in Germany based their findings on more than 3000 drinkers attending Munich’s famous Oktoberfest. In many people, acute alcohol consumption may actually lead to cardiac arrhythmias which can lead to atrial fibrillation which¬† is also […]