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ACT Government Cracking Down on Alcohol Fuelled Crime

The ACT government may resort to earlier lockouts and raising alcohol prices in an effort to curb alcohol-related crime. Canberra’s pubs and clubs may be forced to close earlier following the release of a discussion paper to gauge the community and industry’s opinions on what should happen next. The Hotel’s Association says the state government is […]

NSW May Remove 10pm Curfew for Take-away Alcohol

The NSW government is currently reviewing the 10pm curfew on take-away alcohol which it introduced only one year ago in an effort to tackle alcohol fuelled violence in entertainment districts particularly. The government identified pre-loading as one of the major culprits in alcohol fuelled violence and thereafter implemented the 10pm closure of bottleshops in January 2014. […]

Claims That Violent Crime Linked to Take-Away Alcohol

Shootings, stabbings and assaults have been linked to takeaway alcohol according to FARE.  The number of chain liquor outlets apparently directly correlates with the amount of violent crimes in the area, according to a FARE funded study. This is why Responsible Service of Alcohol for anyone who sells alcohol is crucial. Source: News.com.au

Alcohol Servers – Don’t Make This Mistake

Don’t let this happen to you. A venue owner on The Sunshine Coast has been fined $1500 for serving alcohol to an already drunk patron. The licensee and an employee of a hotel in Gympie pleaded guilty to supplying liquor to an intoxicated person resulting in a $1500 fine for the licensee and the employee was placed […]

New One-Punch Laws to help Curb Sydney Violence

The level of alcohol fuelled violence in Sydney has certainly gotten to a dangerous extent but are the new laws implemented by the government warranted? That is the question many are asking themselves. As servers in the hospitality industry it is important that we keep abreast with any new laws and news relating to alcohol […]

Calls for National Alcohol Summit to tackle Booze Issues

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) has called for a national alcohol summit to tackle the problematic issues surrounding the misuse of alcohol in Oz. Doctors are apparently calling for the Abbott Government to take a stand against what they call an “epidemic” of alcohol abuse beginning with a national summit to discuss ways to changes […]

End to Booze Filled Weekend in NSW

Last weekend was an eye opener for anyone who didn’t know the extent of the alcohol fuelled violence across the country. According to the police who embarked on the country-wide blitz last weekend, a person was arrested every 3 minutes across the state of NSW during the blitz on booze-filled violence. Senior NSW detectives involved […]

Focus on Making our Streets Safe Again

Police in Queensland are doing their best to keep Queensland’s city streets safe over the weekend and as we approach the Christmas holiday season. In this light they have issued a stern warning to partygoers and revellers to behave, or face the consequences. The latest in the police’s operations was an operation dubbed “Operation Lima” […]