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Tackling Alcohol Violence with Banned Drinkers Register

Kimberley Police in an effort to tackle alcohol fuelled violence in the Broome area has called for stronger alcohol restrictions throughout the area, including a banned drinkers register. District Superintendent, Allan Adams called for the measures in a letter to social media recently. He highlighted that the Kimberley District has the highest number of assault […]

Queensland Laws Damaging to Night Life – Industry Claims

Queensland’s late night operators in busy party districts say their businesses have suffered dramatically at the hand of new legislation meant to tackle alcohol-fuelled violence. The legislation which came into effect six months ago has led to some operators business profits falling up to 50 per cent. One bar manager spoke about how his venue […]

Last Drinks in Queensland Coming into Effect

So Queensland’s last drinks law is already in full swing and Queensland’s pubs, clubs and bars will be obligated to stop serving alcohol from 2am. The only venues exempt are those in a designated ‘safe night’ precinct. This the majority of the state’s entertainment districts – where alcohol can be served until 3am. Also in all venues, […]

Violence outside Adelaide Nightclub

Alcohol fuelled violence may be on the decline but it hasn’t been completely eliminated. One example of senseless alcohol fuelled violence took place outside an Adelaide nightclub recently. A man was seriously injured in a one punch attack outside the nightclub, causing him to lose consciousness and sustain facial injuries in the early hours of […]

Partygoers Protest NSW Lockout Laws

“Unlock Sydney” and ” We want our city back” are some of the slogans held on banners and chanted by protestors as they marched from Hyde Park to Kings Cross. Over a thousand people joined the protest in Sydney recently against the state government’s strict lockout laws because they say its actually making the alcohol […]

Alcohol Fuelled Brawl Leaves One Man in a Coma

Pictured above is the alleged perpetrator of a punch that left a 29 year old Irish man in hospital in an induced coma. The man is being led away by police following a brawl which allegedly started due to someone jumping a queue outside a nightclub at Bondi Junction last weekend. The victim, Jason Cierans was […]

Expert At Alcohol Hearing says Alcohol No Excuse for Violence

The Royal Commission into Family Violence heard that alcohol and drug incidents are on the rise, with police reports as proof of this. The Victorian royal commission is examining what role drugs and alcohol play in domestic violence. According to police, in the year leading up to June 2014, they attended more than 23,000 family violence […]