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Gin Becoming Australia’s Favourite White Spirit

According to the latest Roy Morgan research, gin is steadily overtaking vodka as Australia’s favourite white spirit. Excluding ready to drink beverages, over 1.1 million adults in Australia drank vodka in a 4 week period. This is more or less the same number that was drinking 5 years ago, despite the fact that the population […]

“How to drink” Campaign a Success

ALSA president, Guiseppe Minissale speaking at the opening of the ALSA Conference in Darwin congratulated DrinkWise for a successful campaign, dubbed ‘How to Drink Properly’. The campaign was named the Best Marketing Innovation at the BRW Most Innovative Companies Awards. Minissale congratulated DrinkWise CEO John Scott on the campaign as well as the work done […]

Alcohol Fuelled Brawl Leaves One Man in a Coma

Pictured above is the alleged perpetrator of a punch that left a 29 year old Irish man in hospital in an induced coma. The man is being led away by police following a brawl which allegedly started due to someone jumping a queue outside a nightclub at Bondi Junction last weekend. The victim, Jason Cierans was […]

Teens Wear Beer Goggles to Learn Drink Driving Lesson

Students at North Rockhampton High School are being taught a valuable lesson on drink driving using beer goggles and a golf buggy. The young driver didn’t make it through without hitting into any markers, proving that a drunk driver could have hit into any number of obstacles on the road including pedestrians and other cars. Source: […]

How Alcohol Affects Your Brain and Makes You Tipsy

We all know that buzzed feeling you get after a few drinks but why does this happen and why does too much alcohol have the opposite effect on us? Alcohol increases the amount of dopamine in your brain, creating a feeling of pleasure.As you drink more alcohol,  your blood-alcohol concentration rises and different parts of […]

‘Vegemite Watch’ Rejected by PM

People in dry communities are using Vegemite sandwich spread to make alcohol, but the Prime Minister has warned against the ban of Vegemite. A “Vegemite watch” is off the table, according to Prime Minister Tony Abbott. He said that it is more important that we ensure that remote communities are being properly policed.” Find out […]