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Hoteliers Criticise Pokie Player Alcohol Ban in Tasmania

Hoteliers have criticised the alcohol ban placed on pokie players in Tasmania, dubbing the new restrictions as restrictive and harsh. The review of the Responsible Gambling Mandatory Code of Practice for Tasmania came into effect on May 1st. Customers in pubs will no longer be served alcohol if they are playing, seated or standing at […]

Alcohol Ban Extended on St Kilda Foreshore

The alcohol ban on St Kilda foreshore in Melbourne has been extended again by Port Phillip Council, a controversial decision that had councillors arguing that it would rob people of their civil rights. The ban is in place until April 3, after Easter as the council decides whether alcohol has an impact on tourism and […]

Alcohol Ban on St Kilda Foreshore Necessary Police Say

Police and local St Kilda traders want the termporary alcohol ban on the foreshore made permanent following the trashing of the area during a wild party on Christmas Day. There are calls for the ban to be extended for at least 3 years after the Christmas party that cost $23,000 to clean up. Around 5000 […]

Police Commissioner Calls for Ban on Alcohol Advertising

There seems to be growing support for the banning of alcohol advertising during live sporting broadcasts in Western Australia. The Police Commissioner, Karl O’Callaghan has urged Opposition Leader Tony Abbott to consider banning alcohol advertising during live sporting broadcasts. According to Abbott, alcohol advertisements are just as damaging to children as gambling advertisements and betting […]