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New Strategy to Reduce Alcohol Harm Introduced

On Monday, the Alcohol Tobacco and Other Drugs Council launched a framework to prevent and intervene on the use of alcohol, tobacco and drugs. Entitled “Everybody’s Business’’,  the plan calls for a review of the legal drinking age and the legal blood alcohol level for driving to 0.00. It also calls for restrictions on alcohol at […]

Alcopops Tax Cuts Drinking Harm

A new study has revealed that Alcopops tax has cut drinking and harm. According to the study the tax on Alcopops has significantly reduced the numbers of highly intoxicated young people presenting to hospital emergency departments. It has also reduced the number of people binge drinking across the state of NSW. Read more about it here.

One Third of adults in US affected by Alcohol-Use Disorder

A study has found that one third of adults in the United States are affected by alcohol-use disorder. Alcohol-use disorder is not the same as alcohol abuse. Alcohol-use disorder (AUD) is defined as problem drinking that causes mild to severe distress or harm. The study found that only 20 per cent of those suffering with the […]

Powdered Alcohol Update

Powdered alcohol has become a hot topic recently, with many in Australia concerned about its regulation. It is legal in most states in the US and this video describes what people in Michigan think about Palcohol or powdered alcohol.  

Alcohol Servers – Don’t Make This Mistake

Don’t let this happen to you. A venue owner on The Sunshine Coast has been fined $1500 for serving alcohol to an already drunk patron. The licensee and an employee of a hotel in Gympie pleaded guilty to supplying liquor to an intoxicated person resulting in a $1500 fine for the licensee and the employee was placed […]