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Alcohol Abuse on The Rise, but Whats the Solution?

While the quantity of alcohol being consumed is declining, as Australians opt for quality over quantity, those that are abusing alcohol are getting more drunk and causing more harm. Workers on the front line, such as those from the Broome sober-up shelter say people are drinking so severely that they cant even walk themselves in, […]

Shocking Number of People Dying from Alcohol Abuse

New research reveals that tens of thousands of people in England are dying from the effects of alcohol abuse. Heavy drinking now will lead to problems like liver failure and in the next five years, almost 63,000 people will die from similar effects. Experts have called on the British government to crack down on alcohol […]

Social Media as Addictive as Alcohol or Nicotine

According to a recent study social media can be just as addictive as alcohol or nicotine. The study warned that simple sight of a Facebook logo is sending social media users spinning. The study was conducted at  Vrije University in Amsterdam. As you probably guessed, society has become obsessed with social media and now researchers […]

Alcohol Abuse Causing Liver Cancer

According to a recent study, the number of new cases of liver cancer or Hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) is on the rise in developed countries. The study by St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne analysed a number of sources including admissions information from 7 big hospitals and other data with the evidence revealing that the incidence of liver […]

We Can Combat Alcohol Abuse in the Community

An academic review of national surveys spanning 15 years confirms that less Australian kids are drinking alcohol before the legal drinking age. Parents are less likely to provide their kids with alcohol, which is part of the reason for the results. The results were reports in the Journal BMC Public Health, indicated that the proportion of […]

How Alcohol Affects Your Brain and Makes You Tipsy

We all know that buzzed feeling you get after a few drinks but why does this happen and why does too much alcohol have the opposite effect on us? Alcohol increases the amount of dopamine in your brain, creating a feeling of pleasure.As you drink more alcohol,  your blood-alcohol concentration rises and different parts of […]

Geneticist Says Alcohol Issues can be Inherited

Problems with alcohol may be inherited, according to a geneticist and author Dr Margaret Smith. One only needs to look at the number of celebrities whose children have followed in their footsteps when it comes to alcohol abuse to realise there must be a link between our genes and our drinking habits, the latest example is […]


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