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Road Safety Campaign aimed at Young Drivers Launched

Young drivers are often the ones who fall victim to road crashes linked to alcohol. Now in an effort to tackle this problematic issue among the youth, Insurer AAMI and Sydney’s Royal North Shore Hospital (RNSH) have joined forces to implement a new road safety campaign aimed at young drivers. There is an increasing body […]

Could Alcoholism be linked to Genetics

Alcoholism, what causes it and how it can be better treated is a subject that has long fascinated scientists. Now a group of scientists in the UK may have found the cause of alcoholism or at least the reason why some people tend to gravitate so strongly towards alcohol while others don’t. The research which […]

Alcohol, can we get the buzz without the side effects?

It’s a question we often ask ourselves, how can we drink and enjoy ourselves without the horrible after effects associated with a hangover? Well soon this may become a reality. “So called “healthy” alcohol may be just a few years away according to a British Professor. The professor says that we should have a drink […]

Push To Tackle Alcohol-Related Violence in Sydney

According to an article on Sydney’s late night emergency services personnel have urged authorities to close all pubs and clubs in the state at 3am. According to the NSW Police Association president, all current methods of tackling alcohol fuelled violence have failed if the number of emergency call outs and people being arrested are […]

Alcohol Servers, Be Prepared for Christmas Rush

Be Prepared for Christmas Rush   Christmas is around the corner and according to marketing research liquor buying will increase by about 10 per cent this year. This growth can be attributed to Australians growing thirst for premium drinking options. In fact after online sales, liquor sales are expected to top the growth charts this […]

Hidden Camera Reveals Underage Drinking

I recently found an interesting story that parallels the situation we are currently faced with in O, regarding underage drinking. A hidden camera investigation was carried out in a Canadian restaurant which revealed that underage drinking is a problem in that country as well. Australia is not the only country battling to come to a […]