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Why so many road crashes are caused by Alcohol

It seems that drink driving is one of those problems that is universal, no matter where you go in the world you will probably find drink drivers, in some places the problem may be worse than in others. Recently in New Zealand a woman was killed in an early morning crash which left another 3 […]

New Breath Tester works for both Drugs and Alcohol

A breakthrough in technology may soon see drivers being issued with a breathalyser test that reads both blood alcohol content and blood drug content. A company that manufactures breathalysers is readying their trial of the new “all-in-one” alcohol and drug testing device, a first anywhere in the world. Not only will the new breathalyser be […]

Licensees Claim SA Alcohol Crackdown Unfair

Although controversial new alcohol laws have been implemented in South Australia, 2 of Hindley Saints biggest nightclubs have lost their last minute applications to stop the laws from impeding their regular business. According to media reports the efforts of 2 big nightclubs, The Palace and The Woolshed sought an urgent injunction in court to stop […]

Alcohol Affects Brain Circuitry in Pregnant Women

As if women needed any more motivation to avoid drinking during pregnancy a new study has been released by neuroscientists and the University of California which proves that alcohol affects the brain circuitry of pregnant women. And for the baby the effects are even greater, prenatal exposure to alcohol, the study found disrupts major features […]

Discovering What Type of Drinker you are

According to new VicHealth research which examined the state’s alcohol culture drinkers can be categorised according to their drinking habits. The research attempted to put the states alcohol culture under the microscope to examine it in a non-judgemental way to determine why alcohol is such a central part of people’s lives. The research is aimed […]

Focus on Making our Streets Safe Again

Police in Queensland are doing their best to keep Queensland’s city streets safe over the weekend and as we approach the Christmas holiday season. In this light they have issued a stern warning to partygoers and revellers to behave, or face the consequences. The latest in the police’s operations was an operation dubbed “Operation Lima” […]