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Preparing for Schoolies Week 2014

The three week graduation festival known as “Schoolies” Week is fast approaching and as school leavers around the country make plans about how they will be spending it, it is also crucial that we take into consideration safety and the importance of being responsible while we’re enjoying ourselves. According to popular schoolies website while […]

Dubbo Police Break-up Wild Alcohol Filled Party

Undoubtedly the people most at risk of being the victims of alcohol fuelled harm as well the biggest perpetrators are young people. A man was arrested at Narromine after assaulting a police officer and an out-of-control part involving more than 100 people had to be broken up. According to reports police were generally satisfied with […]

Drink Drivers Arrested During Operation Unite

Alcohol related violence and drunken behaviour have been getting a lot of attention recently particularly in the aftermath of Operation Unite but another alcohol fuelled social issue which was identified as problematic during the blitz is drink driving. The police across Australia, in all states embarked on the blitz on alcohol fuelled misconduct and made […]

End to Booze Filled Weekend in NSW

Last weekend was an eye opener for anyone who didn’t know the extent of the alcohol fuelled violence across the country. According to the police who embarked on the country-wide blitz last weekend, a person was arrested every 3 minutes across the state of NSW during the blitz on booze-filled violence. Senior NSW detectives involved […]

Study Disproves Theory that Alcohol leads to Depression

According to a group of Western Australian scientists, alcohol consumption does not lead to depression as previously assumed. The scientists discovered that there was no truth to theory that alcohol causes people to become depressed. The discovery was made following a study of 3873 elderly men conducted over a period of 3 years as part […]

Sydney Panel to make Suggestions on State’s Nightlife

Sydney will hopefully become less violence infested since the foundation of a panel to make suggestions on issues affecting Sydney’s nightlife has been announced. The jury of more than 40 citizens is going to be empanelled with the task of tackling the issue of alcohol fuelled violence plaguing Sydney’s streets. The panel is a joint […]

Why so many road crashes are caused by Alcohol

It seems that drink driving is one of those problems that is universal, no matter where you go in the world you will probably find drink drivers, in some places the problem may be worse than in others. Recently in New Zealand a woman was killed in an early morning crash which left another 3 […]

New Breath Tester works for both Drugs and Alcohol

A breakthrough in technology may soon see drivers being issued with a breathalyser test that reads both blood alcohol content and blood drug content. A company that manufactures breathalysers is readying their trial of the new “all-in-one” alcohol and drug testing device, a first anywhere in the world. Not only will the new breathalyser be […]

Licensees Claim SA Alcohol Crackdown Unfair

Although controversial new alcohol laws have been implemented in South Australia, 2 of Hindley Saints biggest nightclubs have lost their last minute applications to stop the laws from impeding their regular business. According to media reports the efforts of 2 big nightclubs, The Palace and The Woolshed sought an urgent injunction in court to stop […]