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NSW To Digitise RSA and RSG Licences

The NSW government recently announced that RSA and RCG licences will be available in a digital format as of mid-2016. The announcement was made last week by the Minister for Finance and Services, Dominic Perrottet. Perrottet said that while citizens were becoming increasingly mobile and digital, the government also needed to be. According to the […]

Important Alcohol Facts You Should Know

Once someone has made the decision to work in the hospitality industry, serving alcohol and have completed the mandatory Responsible Service of Alcohol course, it is important that they learn the facts about drinking and how to answer a customers questions. Some of the following facts you may already know, but if you don’t they […]

Why is Binge Drinking so Common in Young Adults

When serving alcohol it is important to recognise the importance of serving responsibly especially keeping in mind that young people should always be asked to prove that they are of a legal drinking age before being served alcohol. Young people tend to be more prone to binge drinking and the consequences that come with it. […]

Alcohol Servers – Don’t Make This Mistake

Don’t let this happen to you. A venue owner on The Sunshine Coast has been fined $1500 for serving alcohol to an already drunk patron. The licensee and an employee of a hotel in Gympie pleaded guilty to supplying liquor to an intoxicated person resulting in a $1500 fine for the licensee and the employee was placed […]

Dubbo Police Break-up Wild Alcohol Filled Party

Undoubtedly the people most at risk of being the victims of alcohol fuelled harm as well the biggest perpetrators are young people. A man was arrested at Narromine after assaulting a police officer and an out-of-control part involving more than 100 people had to be broken up. According to reports police were generally satisfied with […]

End to Booze Filled Weekend in NSW

Last weekend was an eye opener for anyone who didn’t know the extent of the alcohol fuelled violence across the country. According to the police who embarked on the country-wide blitz last weekend, a person was arrested every 3 minutes across the state of NSW during the blitz on booze-filled violence. Senior NSW detectives involved […]