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The Effects of Binge Drinking on the Body

Ever wondered why responsible service of alcohol is such a big deal? One only has to look at the negative effects of binge drinking to understand why serving alcohol responsibly is so important. Ensuring that we do not serve unduly intoxicated patrons more alcohol is one way we can help them avoid numerous negative health […]

Responsible Service of Alcohol : Don’t Serve Minors

Youth are abusing alcohol more and more. In this video we see why we must refuse alcohol to minors and ask for an ID if someone looks young. Binge drinking has become a particularly big problem for all drinkers not just minors, which is another issue discussed in the video that we as alcohol servers […]

Sydney Panel to make Suggestions on State’s Nightlife

Sydney will hopefully become less violence infested since the foundation of a panel to make suggestions on issues affecting Sydney’s nightlife has been announced. The jury of more than 40 citizens is going to be empanelled with the task of tackling the issue of alcohol fuelled violence plaguing Sydney’s streets. The panel is a joint […]

The NT gets tough new alcohol restrictions

According to the Northern Territory’s police commissioner, those who are critical of the government’s moves to push through tough new alcohol legislation should consider the women and children who are suffering in the NT because of alcohol abuse and drunken partners and parents. The new restrictions include alcohol protection orders which will ban people who […]

America Urged to Cut Limit on Alcohol for Drivers

A debate is raging in The United States about whether or not to lower the legal alcohol limit for drivers following a surge in road deaths caused by drink driving. According to an article on The New York Times website, thousands of people are killed on American roads each year by car crashes caused by […]

Hidden Camera Reveals Underage Drinking

I recently found an interesting story that parallels the situation we are currently faced with in O, regarding underage drinking. A hidden camera investigation was carried out in a Canadian restaurant which revealed that underage drinking is a problem in that country as well. Australia is not the only country battling to come to a […]

Retailers Crack Down on Underage Liquor Buying

Crack Down on Underage School Liquor Buying Liquor retailers have been receiving a lot of criticism lately because of their sale of alcohol to underage minors. Now retailers are doing something about it by hiring special staff to police their stores for underage school leavers attempting to obtain alcohol during Schoolies Week. Hot spots have […]

RSA Update on Wine

Are there benefits to Wine drinking?   There has long been raging a debate as to whether or not wine presents any benefit to the health of its drinkers. Certainly a good argument has been that In ancient times when wine was the alcohol of choice people lived longer and healthier lives. In countries where […]