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Alcohol May Soon be Thing of The Past According to Research

According to recent research, Western societies could give up alcohol in a generation, and opt instead for hangover free synthetic alcohol. “Alcosynth” a synthetic alcohol will give the same effect as alcohol without the associated hangover, sickness and throbbing headache. Professor David Nutt, a former government drugs advisor teaching at Imperial College also believed tobacco […]

Tax Plans Target Beer

A radical tax hike has been proposed by anti-alcohol lobbyists which would see us saying goodbye to cheap schooners and pints. Under the proposed changes excise on alcohol will rise by 10 per cent. The tax on draught beer would also be increased to match the tax imposed on packaged beer at bottleshops. Light beer […]

On-trend Cocktail to Make Easily at Home

If you’re ready to start the year off on a trendy note, try this cool cocktail that couldn’t be more on-trend, All you’ll need is, 60ml Aperol 90ml Prosecco 30ml soda water Orange wedge (not slice) for garnish Simple blend all ingredients over ice in a wine or short glass and you’ll be on trend. […]

Are You Allergic to Alcohol?

Have you ever had a hangover and wondered why because you didn’t think you drank that much? Sometimes it may be a headache, fatigue or even nausea or vomiting. A recent post questioned whether your “hangover” may actually be an allergic reaction to alcohol. According to research nausea, breathing problems or hives may actually be […]

Most Compatible Cocktails According to Your Starsign

Everyone has their favourite cocktail and there may be certain tastes you gravitate towards and there may be a reason. An interesting article on details the most compatible cocktails according to your starsign. According to the article if the stars can predict your personality, then why not your drink of choice? The writers paired […]

Festive Cocktail How-To

Here’s a pumpkin spice cocktail to remind you of an American Christmas. This one is a delicious reminder of the festive season and it’s refreshing enough to enjoy throughout the Australian summer.  

The World’s Top Wine Brands Names

An Australian wine has made it to the top of the list of the world’s top wine brands. The French wine Castel Freres took the number one spot for the second time in a row, as the world’s best wine. The Australian wine from Casella Family Brand “Yellowtail” is the only Australian wine to make […]

A New Type of Alcohol Created from Tofu Waste

Singaporean scientists have figured out a way of making alcohol from the whey waste created from the tofu making process. The beverage, called “Sachi” after the Japanese word for “bliss”, the drink is described as fruity, similar to white wine of sake. The drink has an alcohol content of about 7 or 8 per cent. […]

4 Things That Can Help You Fight a Hangover

If you find yourself in a constant state of hangover over the festive season, here are some tips to help you get through it. Hangover symptoms and severity differ from person to person and depending on the extent of dehydration. Drinking too much can cause weight gain and acne breakouts, so stick to the maximum […]