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One in 20 Deaths Worldwide Caused by Alcohol According to WHO

According to the World Health Organisation, alcohol causes more than 1 in 20 deaths globally due to drink driving, alcohol-fuelled violence and abuse as well as diseases and health disorders. The 500 page report found that more than 3 quarter of alcohol related deaths were men and more than 200 health conditions were also attributed […]

Cannabis Flavoured Vodka Makes its Debut

A number of countries are beginning to review their marijuana policies and one vodka brand is jumping on the cannabis bandwagon by producing a cannabis vodka. The drink is made with 100% natural cannabis terpenes to flavour the vodka so it doesn’t have the same psychoactive or medicinal properties that people usually take marijuana for. […]

The Difference Between Cheap and Expensive Beer

With all the options out there for beer it can become an overwhelming decision, especially when deciding how much to spend to get a good one, and are the expensive ones even worth the price tag? In this video a beer expert guesses between a cheap beer and a more expensive variety. Let’s see if […]

Alcohol Licensee Gets Life Ban

The former licensee of a club in Sydney has been given a lifetime ban from the liquor industry for multiple licence breaches including allowing cocaine use at the venue. According to The NSW Independent Liquor & Gaming Authority the licensee had exhibited one of the worst records of non-compliance ever. In addition to the ban […]

Californian Winery Making Rose’ Vodka

As if we don’t have enough flavours of vodka on the market already, a California based winery is now making a rose’ vodka. The drink apparently tastes like a rose’ but with higher proof or vodka watered down with rose’ wine. The drink is apparently crisp, fruity and has floral notes, “leaving a slight bubblegum […]

The Key Segments of the Australian Wine Drinker

According to the latest Australian Portraits 2019 report released by Wine Intelligence, there are 6 segments of Australian wine drinkers, related to their wine buying and consumption, they are: Engaged Explorers, Social Newbies, Mainstream Matures, Contented Treaters, Senior Bargain Hunters and Kitchen Casuals. The 2 segments that have experienced the most changes since the last […]


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