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Alcoholic Kombucha Has Arrived, But is It Still Good for You?

It seems everywhere you turn there’s some type of kombucha on the shelf and the drink has proven a hit with designated drivers, teetotallers and detoxers country-wide. Australians are jumping on the probiotic bandwagon and with more people trying to lead healthier lifestyles, people are favouring kombucha and matcha over other high calorie, low nutrition […]

Probiotic Drink Could Prevent Hangovers

Drinkers searching for a hangover cure may soon have a solution that actually works. A scientist from Silicon Valley claims to have discovered a cure to the hangover, a genetically engineered probiotic drink. The 35 year old from San Francisco spent a year in a lab developing a prototype of the hangover cure which he […]

Fears That Alcohol Free Beer Could Lure Young Drinkers

Carlton & United Breweries have released their new alcohol-free beer ‘Carlton Zero’ beer, which the company says tastes, smells and sounds like full strength beer. According to the company, consumers had been calling for a way to drink responsibly while still enjoying a great tasting beer. The drink is a first for Carlton that will […]

Brits Drinking at Home are Landing up in Hospital

According to British newspaper, more than 50 people daily are treated in hospital for alcohol related liver disease in The UK due to drinking at home. The alarming figures show that the number of patients in England has risen by 57 per cent over the past 12 years. According to the figures 20,751 people […]

How to Drink and Still Keep Your Liver Healthy

While a glass of rose a day may make you seem cool, you could actually be doing damage to your liver. If you want to keep your liver healthy while still enjoying a glass of wine now and then, follow these rules Eat a healthy balanced diet. Drink moderately and always stick to the recommended […]

New Alcohol Laws come into effect in WA

The new liquor licensing laws introduced by Western Australia’s government has come into effect. The government believes the laws will significantly impact the hospitality landscape in the state. The Liquor Control Amendment Bill 2018 aims to build on the legislation that prompted the expansion of Perth’s small bar scene, creating jobs and supporting local businesses. […]

People Turn to Wine in a Can for Convenience

Apparently the demand for convenience is propelling wine in a can, with a huge increase in consumer acceptance experienced in the US recently. According to David Messum, an ambassador for the Drinks Collective Show, the demand for wine in a can is growing even in Australia with consumers seeking more convenience. Messum runs a wine […]

The Benefits of Drinking Whisky

Drinking whisky can actually benefit your life and some centennials swear by a shot a day. So here’s why you should be drinking whisky, other than it’s delicious (but acquired) taste. 1. Moderate alcohol consumption is good for your brain health and can actually lower your risk of developing dementia. 2. It can help calm […]


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