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Alcohol Delivery for Teenagers A Concern

Concerns are mounting over teenagers ordering alcohol online. Some of the websites delivering alcohol to homes are Airtasker, Jimmy Brings and Liquoroo which require a credit card and a smart phone. Although the law requires users to be over the age of 18, some accounts can be made with fake birthdays which don’t require verification […]

The Damaging Effects of Drinking Everyday for a Month

Although we’ve heard about the benefits of drinking moderately, research has emerged that shows drinking everyday for a month can have devastating effects on the body. The rule of thumb seems to be, to have at least one day a week when you abstain from alcohol completely. Here’s what happens to the body when we […]

India’s Deadly Alcohol Death Toll Rises to 39

There have been at least 39 deaths and 27 people have fallen ill from drinking cheap toxic alcohol in a number of villages in northern India. Tests revealed the alcohol was laced with methanol, a massive illegal industry in the country. Police confirmed that 26 people had died in 2 separate incidents in Uttar Pradesh […]

Ways to Reduce Problematic Drinking

If your drinking is a little out of control or maybe you’re planning to cut down for health reasons, it’s not easy but there are some things you can do to make it a little simpler, Create a support network around yourself. This can help keep you accountable and help you stay on track. In […]

Legal Drinking Ages Around the World

You’d be surprised to hear some of the legal drinking ages around the world which range from 13 to 25. On the extreme ends of the scale, in Burkino Faso the legal drinking age is 13 and in Eritrea its 25. According to data from the World Health Organisation, in 2016 there were 11 countries […]

Boozy Brunch Cocktails to Try With Friends

Champagne is the ideal accompaniment to your brunch but why not take your brunch to the next level with one of these delicious champagne cocktails? These 5 cocktails are so simple to make for a group and taste amazing, so why not skip the same old boring orange juice or champagne and give these a […]

Figures Show Drop in Wine Price

The latest Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) figures show that wine prices have dropped 1.9 per cent. In the last quarter of 2018, there was a 0.1 per cent drop in the price of spirits while the price of beer remained the same. While wine increased in price in the 2 previous quarters, the last […]

How 15 Cans of Alcohol Saved a Man’s Life

Doctors in Vietnam actually saved a man’s life with 15 cans of beer. According to media reports, a 48 year old man was taken to hospital in the Quang Tri province of north-central Vietnam for severe alcohol poisoning on Christmas Day. The man had such high levels of methanol in his body that it was […]

The No Alcohol Wine that Mums are Loving

It looks and tastes like wine but doesn’t have any alcohol and it’s the drink pregnant women are clamoring for. An Australian beverage company is producing wines for pregnant women as well as health-conscious people who want to cut down their alcohol intake but want all the benefits of a traditional wine. The company produces […]


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