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Man Caught with BAC Five Time Over Legal Limit

A drunk driver in Melbourne’s southwest has recorded a blood alcohol reading of more than 5 times over the legal limit following a crash. The man returned a positive breath reading after being involved in a crash in Werribee on Saturday around 2:45pm. The 42 year old man was taken to the police station following […]

Preserving Summer Cherries and Blueberries for cocktails

Cherries are a perfect summer addition to your cocktails. Try this recipe from this summer: Rye and Amaro Cocktail Cherries Sour Cherries ½ cup/100 grams sugar ½ cup/118 mL  water ¾ cup/177 mL Rye or bourbon ¼ cup/59 mL Amaro (use one that’s on the more berried sweet side, such as Montenegro. 1 stick […]

Alcohol Related Injuries in Children Up in WA

Startling data has been released which shows that alcohol related injuries among children is on the rise. The most vulnerable among us – children are being admitted into WA hospitals at an alarming rate. According to research by the Telethon Kids Institute, presented at a major conference in Perth there has been a rise in wounds […]

You’ll Only Find Victorian Wines on This List

What better way to celebrate Spring than with a seasonal menu and perfectly paired wines, exclusively from Victoria? That is exactly what Taxi Kitchen in Victoria is doing. Taxi Kitchen is located in Melbourne’s Federation Square and this month its launching its very first all Victorian wine list. Wines included on the list include Mt Langi […]

Revised Lockout Laws To Tackle Alcohol Fuelled Harm

Improving personal safety is the main priority Queensland government have warned and this is the motivation behind revised lockout laws. The state government says revised lockout laws which would result in a 1:00am lockout and 2:00am last drinks call would help save lives by minimising alcohol fuelled violence. Nightclubs would be able to apply for […]

People Think it’s Okay to Give Your Kids Alcohol

According to research by FARE (The Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) many people tend to think supplying alcohol to other people’s children is okay. In fact they think it is less wrong morally than supplying these underage children with other illegal alcohol related behaviour such as drink driving. Researchers found that there’s an idea […]

Summer Winelist Suggestion

As the weather heats up its time to put away those winter wines and celebrate summer with one of the following wines suggested by Christine Salins in a post on Logan 2015 Moscato, $20 Ladies Who Shoot Their Lunch 2014 Riesling, $34.95 Domaine Chandon 2015 Pinot Gris, $25 Windowrie 2015 ‘The Mill’ Verdelho, $18 […]