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Try this Cocktail Recipe

Here’s a cool cocktail recipe that you can try at home. Although it’s a pefect refreshing drink for summer, it also tastes good enough to enjoy now in winter and its easy enough to make for a party.  

How To Make Hemingway’s Favourite Cocktail

  Are you a fan of Ernest Hemingway? If so you’ll love this cocktail, rumoured to be the author’s favourite and which was in fact created by the literary goliath himself. The drink is a mix of absinthe and champagne and even today, bartenders and drinkers around the world love its combination. Ingredients: 1.5 oz […]

Learn to Make Cocktails in Paradise

What better way to transport yourself to a tropical island (if you can’t physically travel there) than to enjoy a delicious exotic cocktail? If you want to make this Sangre Del Mar cocktail, watch this video that also happens to be a visual feast, set in the most beautiful location.

Non-Stop Wine Now Possible

Winelovers will be pleased to hear that the possibility of a wine shortage has been averted by a new device that researchers have developed. The device can apparently produce an endless supply of wine using just strategically placed yeast and fermenting grape juice. Scientists from The US and Switzerland are currently trialling the micro winery […]

Irish People Try American Alcohol

The Irish are known for their happy hour so this video of Irish people trying American alcohol for the first time is interesting. America’s known for everything from Budweiser to Jack Daniels but Ireland is the home of Guinness and Irish whisky like Jameson.  

The top Ice-cream Cocktails

So this may not be the best cocktails for winter, but they will definitely satisfy the kid in you. These are the best ice-cream cocktails to try when summer arrives, or now! These look as good as they taste and they make the perfect dessert.  

Queensland Lockouts Underway but Violence Up

So the first phase of Queensland’s new lockout laws are in effect and already venues, who were apprehensive to embrace the lockouts in the first place, are already reporting losses in revenue. According to a post on since the implementation of the laws, alcohol fuelled violence is also up, despite the increase in police […]

Watch Irish People Drinking Alcohol from Poland

The Irish are known as a nation who loves their alcohol, so its natural that they’ve developed some definite preferences when it comes to drinking. That’s what makes these taste test videos so funny, people’s reactions when they taste a drink from another country for the first time. Let’s watch this video and see what […]