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“Find My Rice” Comes to Australia

The world’s largest hospitality search engine has arrived on our shores. Find My Rice is a global platform, hosting over 300,000 companies and two million product listings. The search engine should prove useful to everyone in the hospitality industry, from manufacturers to caterers. It helps customers find the specific product they want and introduces them […]

Want a Good Sleep, Skip the Night Cap.

If you want a good, restful night’s sleep, then skip the night cap. As professor of psychology Richard Wiseman explains, having a drink before bed is fairly common and many people who suffer with insomnia rely on a glass of their favorite tipple before bed. But drinking alcohol before going to sleep may actually inhibit […]

Powdered Alcohol may soon be Banned in Queensland

Powdered alcohol/ palcohol may be banned in Queensland before it even reaches our shores. Palcohol makes drinking on the go easy, all you need is a sachet of the powder, you just add water. There are major concerns around regulation and safety prompting Victorian authorities to ban  the substance with NSW busy drafting legislation to do the […]

Does Drinking Alcohol Really Increase Your Appetite?

We’ve all heard that drinking alcohol boosts your appetite, but how true is it? According to a new study published by The American Obesity Society, consuming alcohol while in an atmosphere suffused by cooking aromas heightens activity in the hypothalamus and the brain’s reward system, resulting in an increased consumption rate-  good news for restaurant owners, […]