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Teenage Boy’s Mother Issues Alcohol Poisoning Warning

The mother of a teenage boy who almost died after drinking vodka at school has issued a warning to other parents and teenagers. Jo Owen shared her story in the hopes that other parents would become aware of peer pressure after her son drank shots of vodka brought to school by the “popular kids”. He […]

New Virtual Party Teaches Kids About Dangers of Alcohol

In Queensland a trial has commenced that teaches students virtually about attending a party and deciding how many drinks they will have. The Griffith University Project is called Blurred Minds and it will be rolled out with the game Perfect Pour to 20 independent Catholic schools across the state. St Mary’s Catholic College in Cairns […]

Meth a Bigger Concern Than Alcohol

While alcohol abuse and misuse is a major concern in Australia, the meth epidemic seems to be a growing concern with statistics showing more people seeking treatment for meth than alcohol abuse last year. Stints in rehabilitation, a series of counselling appointments, a period of detoxification and assessments are all included in treatment for drug […]

Alcohol and Energy Drinks a Risky Mix

Researchers have found that mixing alcohol and energy drinks can increase the risk of injury due to car crashes and fights and the reason may not be what we think it is. In fact researchers believe that while energy drinks contain caffeine and guarana which are stimulants, these ingredients may not be to blame for […]

Zero Alcohol Beer Hits the Market

Dutch beer maker, Heineken has just launched a non-alcoholic version of its beer, into one of the fastest growing beverage markets in the world. The second largest beer maker in the world, Heineken launched the zero alcohol beer at the Spanish Grand Prix in Barcelona recently. The beer will be sold around Europe, Israel and […]

Study Shows 20 Per Cent of Dines Never Leave a Tip

A study from OpenTable shows that only one in five Australians always or frequently leave a tip when dining out. Researchers found that almost half of Australian diners (47 per cent) would tip 10 per cent on the total  bill. A staggering 21 per cent of Australian diners say they never leave a tip. Our […]

Does Alcohol Affect Heart Rhythm

Here’s even more reason to avoid binge drinking, it can lead to abnormal heart rhythms, according to a study. Researchers in Germany based their findings on more than 3000 drinkers attending Munich’s famous Oktoberfest. In many people, acute alcohol consumption may actually lead to cardiac arrhythmias which can lead to atrial fibrillation which  is also […]

Cocktails that Wont Break Your Budget

For budget-friendly cocktails you can’t beat the Sea Breeze, Lemon Drop, Bloody Mary, White Russian or Crane Rosemary. While we know these cocktails for their deliciousness, they are also simple to make and won’t break the bank. Let’s watch and learn.