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Boozy Popsicles Recipe

If you’re looking for a fun yet sophisticated dessert for your next barbeque, why not  try these awesome Prosecco popsicles. As the weather heats up they are an excellent accompaniment to a meal or alternative to a signature cocktail. This video has all the details,

Try This Frozen Slush Recipe

Looking for a delicious and low calorie alcoholic treat? Why not try this frozen rose’ slushie. It’s made with fresh strawberries so it’s really healthy and low calorie. Let’s watch the video to learn how to make it,

Transform your drinks with these ice cubes

Although ice dilutes cocktails your ice cubes can actually add another dimension of flavour to your drink. I recently discovered coffee ice cubes, a clever way to chill your drink without diluting it with melting ice cubes. If you love the idea of fruit and fruit purees made into ice cubes for fruity cocktails, you’ll […]

Check Out This Cool Robotic Bar

There’s a cool new way to get your cocktails made, a robotic bartender. The robotic bar system, Makr Shakr is a world first, brought to Australia by International Trade and Procurement Services. The robot works with an app which users can enter their combinations which are then mixed by 2 robotic arms. The arms movements […]

Vermouth Lessons – Hospitality Masterclass

According to vermouth has gone from an ancient medicine to modern day mixer. According to the website Hippocrates prescribed a Vermouth-like draught for jaundice and rheumatism as early as 400 BC. Nowadays vermouth is more of a hip wine equivalent. If you’ve never really learnt about this growing drinking craze, watch this Vermouth hospitality masterclass […]

The Funny Consequences of Getting Drunk

If you’ve ever been intoxicated you know that it can make you do crazy things. One of the worst things that can happen is that you end up with a lifelong reminder of that night out. In an article on, the worst drinker tattoos posted on social media were featured. People’s most regrettable tattoos […]

Limit Your Party Drinking to 2 Drinks

When you go to a party or night out with your mates one of the hardest things to do can be to limit yourself to just 2 drinks, as is recommended. For your health and safety, its best to stick to 2 drinks, we know this but when we’re with friends it’s tempting to match […]