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Study Shows Teens Avoiding Alcohol and Sex

According to a recent study from psychologists Jean Twenge and Heejung Park, teenagers of today aren’t that interested in alcohol. The psychologists found that teenagers prefer to stay at home and spend their time on social-media apps instead, avoiding alcohol and drugs. The study, which was published in the journal Child Developments, revealed that nowadays […]

Drinking Behaviour of Australians Continues To Improve

The drinking habits of Australians continues to improve, proof that Responsible Service of Alcohol efforts are working. A comprehensive study conducted by the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare at the end of 2016, looked into the drinking habits of 24,000 Australians, revealing that as a nation our alcohol consumption is steadily declining. More and […]

The $6 Versus the $208 cocktails

The guys from BuzzFeed have once again done the “hard work” testing out cocktails, so we won’t have to. This time they decide whether the $208 cocktail tastes any better than the good ole’ $6 cocktail. Is it really worth it?

Rose Cocktails Four Ways

Rose’ has become one of the most popular wines in the world, particularly for its beautiful, trendy hue. Rose’ is a wine that incorporates some of the colour from the grapes into the wine but not as much as red wine. Here are 4 easy and delicious Rose’ cocktails, perfect for any party or to […]

Claims Alcohol Warning System Inadequate

Do you think the warning labels on alcohol bottles are an effective deterrent to young people? Do you even notice these labels? Well some arguments have been raised about whether the warning labels are effective at all following a study by researchers at Victoria’s Deakin University. A recent article on discussed the call for […]

Cocktails Good Enough to Eat

If you’re hosting a brunch or want to add a whimsical touch to a party, these candy-inspired cocktails are a great idea, the adult’s version of candy at a party. Watch the video to learn how they’re made but be warned just because they taste like candy, doesn’t mean they don’t pack a punch, so […]

The Average Australian Drinks Five Beers a Week

According to a recent post on, which analysed data from the ABS, released at the start of the month, alcohol consumption is up for the first time in nine years among Australians. The average person over the age of 15 is drinking 9.7 litres of pure alcohol as of 2016. This equates to 5 […]