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Here’s what SA’s New Liquor Laws Mean

The SA state government have released its response to the review of liquor laws. As part of a major shake-up of the state’s liquor laws, pubs and clubs that break the law will face tougher penalties. There are also fewer restrictions on selling alcohol on public holidays. Small bar licences will not yet be allowed […]

Try This Thai Inspired Cocktail

If you’re looking for something totally new and different, this cocktail is something you probably haven’t tried before unless you’ve been to Asia. The Natin is a combination of lemon, coconut milk, egg white and matcha which are all flavors you would typically associated with Asian food but the marry so well in this refreshing […]

Pizza Deliveries Now Also Include Alcohol

Home delivered pizza now also comes with the option of alcohol accompanying it as many pizza deliverers have introduced the service. In and around Melbourne, you can now get a wine or beer to match that gourmet pizza, conveniently delivered to your doorstep. Other states and territories are expected to follow suit soon. With a […]

Study Finds Most Dangerous Place to Drink is at Home

According to research out of the University of New England (UNE), the most dangerous place to drink isn’t the pub or bar, it’s at home. According to analysis of data from emergency departments spanning a decade, 36 per cent of alcohol related injuries occur at home. The street is the second most dangerous to drink, […]

Bars and Pubs Should Have Limited Trading Hours – Study Claims

Although the lockout laws have been blamed for killing Sydney’s night life, a new study claims the limited trading hours have a positive impact on reducing violence. The new global study conducted from Melbourne’s La Trobe University, stated that increasing trading hours resulted in higher rates of harm whereas restricting trading hours reduces harm. A […]

Should You Drink Before Bed? We Question the Science

I’ve often heard people saying a nightcap actually helps them sleep better, but it appears that these people are mistaken. Drinking in the evening isn’t good for your sleep at all, especially if you drink more than 2 rounds. According to experts, in a post on drinking alcohol in the evening will interrupt your […]

Best Shots for Halloween

October means its Halloween time once again and if you’re throwing a party on the spookiest night of the year, you may want to make sure you’ve got these cool Halloween recipes under your belt. Not only do they look the part, they are so beguiling, your guests wont be able to resist.  

How-to Video – The Sound of Silver Cocktail

I always love to learn how to make a new cocktail and this one is particularly delicious and sure to be a hit with men and women. The Sound of Silver is a creative, “fancy” cocktail with a fancy name. Let’s watch the video to see why. Remember whether you’re drinking cocktails, beer, vodka on […]