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Australians’ Alcohol Habits By Age

Contrary to what most people tend to think, the latest findings from Roy Morgan Research show that 66% of Australians aged between 18 and 29 consume alcohol in any given weeks, compared with 69% of those aged 30 and older. Research says older Australians opt for their favourite wine more often than people under the […]

Canberra Outdoor Bars Allowed for First Time

There are fears that outdoor, alcohol-fuelled crimes will rise in Canberra now that ACT laws have been changed to permit the sale of alcohol outdoors by licensed venues, if they apply for an outdoor bar. The state government said the move would be a boost for small business and would make a night out in […]

The Purpose of a Food Safety Audit

With much of the success of a food business dependent on its food safety processes and systems, a food safety audit helps gather information about the business and determine whether there is room for improvement. Another important purpose of a food safety audit is to pinpoint deficiencies in the food safety processes and systems within […]

Scientists Discover alcohol in space

Scientists have a discovered alcohol in space, not just alcohol but a giant cloud of alcohol. Alcohol being made up of hydrogen, oxygen and carbon, it is no wonder there is alcohol in space, where these elements can be found in abundance. But can you drink it?

Gin Becoming Australia’s Favourite White Spirit

According to the latest Roy Morgan research, gin is steadily overtaking vodka as Australia’s favourite white spirit. Excluding ready to drink beverages, over 1.1 million adults in Australia drank vodka in a 4 week period. This is more or less the same number that was drinking 5 years ago, despite the fact that the population […]

“How to drink” Campaign a Success

ALSA president, Guiseppe Minissale speaking at the opening of the ALSA Conference in Darwin congratulated DrinkWise for a successful campaign, dubbed ‘How to Drink Properly’. The campaign was named the Best Marketing Innovation at the BRW Most Innovative Companies Awards. Minissale congratulated DrinkWise CEO John Scott on the campaign as well as the work done […]