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What Makes People Dependent on Alcohol

According to a recent study an enzyme in the brain may be responsible for our ability to resist alcohol or our alcohol dependency. Researchers say the enzyme may also decrease with increased use of alcohol. The new study conducted on rats, showed that the enzyme Prdm2 found in the brain’s frontal lobes, had an impact […]

Cheap versus Expensive Tequila – Taste Test

Tequila is growing in popularity in Australia but are the expensive varieties we see being imported from Mexico really worth the cost? According to experts the best tequila comes exclusively from certain regions in Mexico and is made of only blue agave plant, but to the untrained palate is there really any difference in taste? […]

People Taste Test Vodka Fruit

Ever wondered which fruit taste best when infused with alcohol. Many drinkers love Sangria and other alcohol infused fruits, but what about vodka? Which fruits taste good when infused with vodka and which one’s make drinkers want to hurl? Let’s watch this video to find out,

Donald Trump Has a Vodka

If didn’t already know, Donald Trump has a wide range of products and services under his brand. One of the lesser known and less popular is Trump vodka. In this video people try Trump’s vodka for the first time often with hilarious outcomes.