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Hospitality Workers Can Now Join A Digitally Based Union

Hospitality workers who aren’t interested in joining a traditional union, now have another option, a “digital union”. The first digital union, Hospo Voice which is part of the United Voice union offers a range of online tools for workers for just $9.99. Some of the tools include a pay-checking service, a record of their hours […]

Heavy Drinkers Have More Bacteria in Their Mouths, Study Claims

In case you didn’t know we all have good and bacteria in our mouths and it’s vital to our health. But according to a study published in the Microbiome journal heavy consumption of alcohol could negatively influence the oral microbiome composition or bacterial composition in the mouth. Researchers say drinkers, especially heavy drinkers have more […]

220 Year Old Yeast Used to Create Shipwreck Beer

A shipwrecked brew made with yeast from a 1796 merchant ship has finally reached its destination, more than 200 years later. The brew which was contained on a ship in 1796 left Calcutta, India for Sydney with rum, wine and beer, more than 30,000 litres of it. The ship ran aground in 1797 just north-east […]

Three Minutes to A Chilled Bottle of Wine

So you forgot about those guests that you invited over for dinner and are now knocking at your door? Don’t panic it is possible to serve them a chilled glass of wine. In fact did you know that it’s possible to chill a bottle of wine in just 3 minutes? According to wine expert and […]

How Much is Too Much Alcohol?

New research on alcohol and life-expectancy has us questioning just how much alcohol is too much. A new study involving 600,000 participants published in The Lancet suggested that levels of alcohol previously thought to be relatively harmless are linked to earlier mortality. Australian guidelines say no more than 2 standard drinks a day are acceptable. […]

What To Do To Sober Up Quick

Did you have an unexpected night out with friends and need to sober up for that important meeting quick? Here’s our top tips for sobering up fast. 1. Drink water. You’ve heard it a million times before but water really does help. Remember alcohol dehydrates you and that’s one of the reasons for the hangover. […]


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