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Why Does Our Volume Increase with Alcohol

Why does alcohol have such an effect on our hearing that it causes us to speak louder, even shout? In an article on Dr Karl attempts to explain why. According to the doctor, a few drinks impairs your sense of hearing, so when you speak, you mistakenly think you are speaking softer than usual. […]

Bacardi Martini Australia launched

Bacardi Martini Australia is now totally owned, subsidiary of the global Bacardi group and a post on detailed exactly what this means. On the outside it appears that little has changed for the largest family owned spirits company in the world, but behind the scenes there will be changes. The company says they are […]

You Can Include Alcohol in your diet

A recent article on the blog highlighted some healthy drinking habits. The article provided some advice for drinkers such as watching out for sugar content in mixed drinks, as a drink mixed with soda water and lemon is better for your health than a sweeter drink. Another important tip is to drink alot of […]

People in Canberra Drink More than Australians

There have been calls for a crackdown following relevations that Canberrans drink more than other Australians. According to research by FARE (Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education (FARE), people in Canberra are drinking more and to riskier levels than the nation’s average. The study shows more than one in five Canberrans are drinking themselves into […]

Doctors Call for Reduction in Blood Alcohol Limits

An influential group of doctors have urged a drastic reduction of access to alcohol under an extreme rethink of liquor laws. What has been described as the country’s most influential group of doctors have called for the legal drinking age to be raised and the blood alcohol limit for all drivers to decrease from  .05 […]

Growing Popularity of Bespoke Brews

If you’re in the hospitality industry you’ve probably noticed the growing popularity of bespoke brews. In a recent article on it was put forward that bespoke beers were a way of differentiating your venue in a sea of licensed venues. A good way to take on the competition is to collaborate with local breweries […]

Grey Goose Cocktails

Although the Grey Goose Le Grand Fizz Cocktail is advertised as the perfect summer drink, vodka is perfect whether it’s hot or cold outside. This is the perfect cocktail for any season and with 4 different flavours, there’s one to suit everyone’s taste.