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Can You be Healthy if You Drink Alcohol?

While binge drinking is never a good idea, alcohol usually plays a part in most of our lives’ best moments and celebrations. Some scientists have even noted that alcohol in moderation can be healthy, for example the benefits of red wine on the human heart have been well documented. Source: The concerns with alcohol […]

Alcohol Abuse Higher in Rural Areas

A recent report shows that health is poorer in rural areas, and alcohol consumption is higher. The report also found that suicide rates are 66 per cent higher. The poll results were released in the Medical Research and Rural Health report, created by Sydney’s Garvan Institute of Medical Research. Regardless of where you serve alcohol, rural […]

International Wine Challenge finds Wine Faux Pas Common

If you aren’t an expert on wines, don’t worry you’re not alone…according to a poll by the International Wine Challenge. One of the interesting findings of the poll was that a portion of wine drinkers in the UK had pronounced the ‘t’ in merlot or Pinot. It also revealed that almost one third gulped wine instead of sipping it. Find out some […]

Alcohol Labels in the Spotlight Again

If CEO of FARE (Foundation for Alcohol Research and Education) Michael Thorn has his way, the labels on alcohol bottles will carry stronger warnings about the risks of drinking. Following the legislation passed regarding cigarette packaging warnings, there has been renewed calls for alcohol bottles to carry warnings as well. To find out more, click […]

Women Choosing Whisky as Their Tipple of Choice

A recent post on highlighted the growing trend among women to opt for a good whisky instead of a colourful, fruity cocktail. No longer the domain of men, whisky is being consumed by more females, not only here in Australia but in The United States as well, where females make up 37 per cent […]

Researchers Find That Pear Juice Can Ward Off a Hangover

Heading out for a night on the town? Forget the aspirin and reach for pear juice instead. Australian researchers looking into the health benefits of pears have found that the fruit can lower blood alcohol levels and help ward off a hangover. According to researchers consuming pear juice before heavy drinking will help you avoid a […]

$10,000 Bottle of Whisky Served to the Public

If you live in Melbourne and love whisky, chances are you were at Hawthorn bar The Kilburn last Wednesday when a rare bottle of whisky was opened and served to patrons. The tasting of the Glenrothes 1968 Single Cask is most likely the most expensive public tasting of a whisky anywhere in the world. Click for more.