Young People Less Likely To Seek Help For Alcohol Problems


According to the What’s Up In Your World survey, nine per cent of young people feel they needed help for alcohol problems. Unfortunately only one third of these people actually go out and seek help.

Professor Maree Teesson from the National Drug and Alcohol Research Centre has been studying why young people are struggling with problem drinking and it seems most young people although they recognise the need for help, wont actually ask for help.

According to Teesson, it usually takes 18 years from when someone starts having problems with alcohol to seeking treatment.

Professor Teesson says there’s a stigma around alcohol and only the really brave young people will actually seek help.

She said another problem is that people don’t feel like things will work for them if they go and seek help.

The survey also found young people are drinking less than they were a year ago, but when they do drink, they’re doing so to get drunk.

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