Woman Who Drank Eight Beers a Day While Pregnant caused Foetal Alcohol Syndrome in Daughter

The women who consumed 8 beers a day while pregnant and caused foetal alcohol syndrome (FAS) in her second child, also almost lost her child.

The mum battled alcoholism for more than 6 years and would get drunk daily. She also hid alcohol around the house from her husband.

She first started drinking at 15 years old after being introduced to beer at a party.

Now 53 years old the mum shared her story with The Sun in an article posted on TheMorningBulletin.com.au

While her first daughter was lucky to not be permanently affected by drinking, it did cause her to be seriously underweight at birth.

The baby would not feed and doctors suspected foetal alcohol syndrome. She had to be fed through a tube but managed to overcome her issues and develop. The mother’s second child wasn’t as lucky.

Her second baby was born 2 months premature and weighed less than one kilo. Doctors gave her a 50% chance of surviving.

The baby’s facial features also showed the effects of her mother’s drinking, with small eyes, a bigger than normal space between the eyes and a flat nose, typical of babies with foetal alcohol spectrum disorders.

Read more about this family’s story at https://www.themorningbulletin.com.au/news/baby-born-fas-after-mum-drank-eight-beers-day/3461983/


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