Winemakers Swap Grapes for Cherries


NSW Winemakers are cashing in on the region’s abundant cherry harvests by creating a wine that’s made not with grapes but cherries.

Winemaker Terrry Mulligan got the idea to make cherry wine at his Young based winery after the annual cherry festival years ago. The festive takes place in the town each year.

He explained that the process is completely different to making wine with grapes because you don’t get as much juice from cherries as you do from wine.That makes the process harder because separating the cherry pulp and skins isn’t easy.

But is it really wine?

Some people have questioned whether cherry wine is a wine or a liqueur, given its 10 per cent proof but Mr Mulligan believes it’s a wine because it’s fermented in the same way, similarly to a dry Rose style. He advises the wine be served chilled.

Although he admits it doesn’t have the same complexity as a good grape wine, if you love cherries you should definitely try to get your hands on a bottle.  Source: