Why Should I Choose A Career in Bar Tending?

The RSA course teaches you about safety when working behind a bar, and how to look out for patrons who you think have had a little too much to drink. But before one has to do any of that, they first have to look at whether or not bar tending is the right thing for them to do. And when considering if it is what you want to do, you should think about several different factors, such as the hours you will have to work, where you will work, what the work consists of, who will I be working for (what kind of boss?) and what skills do I need to learn on the job? These are generally things people think about when becoming a bar tender, and the RSA Course can help you decide, just read on!

What Exactly Will I Have To Do?

When working behind a bar, the first and foremost important thing that you will have to be able to do, is communicate with people who are ordering drinks. This is important for a few reasons, but one of these is that RSA Courseyou can tell how much someone has had to drink, more often than not, by how much they slur their words and how well they construct sentences! Another thing you may need is a wide knowledge of drinks, and this is not always important nor taught in the RSA Course. But think about it. The less your employer has to train you, the further you will be ahead of competition. So start studying asap! A good place to start looking at drink mixes is linked here as well.

Should I Start Bar Tending? RSA Course Should Be Completed First Though!

If I am describing you now, then you might want to consider bar tending. Do you like to talk to people and hear about their lives while actively participating in a fun and exciting atmosphere? Are you social and can work fast/efficiently? If you are all these things, you would have a high chance of liking the work that you might get behind a bar. So get online and complete the RSA Course so you can give serving alcohol a try. The course is a small investment of time to which you are sure to see reward from. Start Today!

There are several advantages that come with being a designated driver, and while you may be thinking, ‘I wont be able to be a full part of the atmosphere’ you are far from the truth. You don’t need alcohol to have a good time!

Here are some advantages to being the designated driver…

You get free soft drinks at most clubs or bars (they respect the drivers not drinking)RSA Course

You get to take all your friends home safely (they will owe you…)

It’s easy to ensure your mates stay out of trouble.

You won’t have to do it for a while (your mates will take turns)

You keep yourself out of harms way and will stay out of fights.

These are just a few reasons that you should be a designated driver, and it can reap some good rewards. But if you can do this well, you might want to get online and complete the RSA Course, as not only will it allow you to be safer on a night out, but you will also be able to be paid for basically not drinking and instead serving at a bar!

It is important to know your stuff when you are working behind a bar as this will ensure that customers get the right amount of alcohol, so that they do not drink too much when they are out. This is something that the RSA Course teaches you, but you need to find out on your own about all the different types of alcohol! Check out some of these sites for information!

Alcohol Content

The Standard Drink

Blood Alcohol Content

FAQ on Alcohol

These sites will help educate you on alcohol levels, as well as the Responsible Service of Alcohol course, and can be really useful when working behind a bar or in a restaurant!