When I Get My RSA Certificate Where Should I Work? and Should I Serve Food?

Before you get to work in a bar and decide whether you want to serve food or not, you need to complete the RSA Training Course and get your QLD RSA Certificate, or any states certificate. There may be several questions you will be asking yourself when completing the RSA Course online, and one may be what exactly you want to do with the RSA Certificate. The fact of the matter is that there are several things you can do with the certificate, and they are all fairly rewarding. Check out the list below of places you can work, and use the information on the work environment to decide if you really want to be working there.

At The Bottle – O. After getting your RSA Certificate

The bottle-o, or bottle shop/liquor retailer is the first place that you can work once you get the RSA Certificate, and working at these shops means that you don’t so much have to be involved in an atmosphere or watch how much people drink. But you do have to be able to look for people who are underage, using a fake ID, or are buying alcohol for other people who are underage. So if you would like to get into the industry and learn all the different types of beer/drinks, without getting into a full on bar/club atmosphere, then this may be the place for you.

At a Bar – with your RSA Certificate

A bar usually goes with an atmosphere that is either full on, or laid back; and some you will find are in between. So this can be a perfect place for you to work, as you can choose the kind of atmosphere you would like to work in. But be cautious, jobs don’t grow on trees so working in the bar industry often means that you don’t have a lot of choice when it comes to the bar you want to work in!

At a Club – with your RSA Certificate

A club can be one of the harder places to work in with the RSA Certificate, as it is harder to tell who has been drinking too much and often requires some practice. In addition, clubs have some long hours and can mean a tiring work environment. On the other hand they are fun and social, so if this is your element, then start applying for jobs in this industry! RSA Certificate

So Should I Be Serving Food in My Bar?

It may not seem like too big of a question to ask, a bar either serves food or it doesn’t, right? Well you will learn in the RSA Course that food can often be a good thing to help keep people sober, as it soaks up the alcohol in your stomach and helps keep you sober…ish. While you may think that serving food is not really a choice that is up to you as a staff member, but it is often the suggestions of the staff that get implemented by management. This is because you on the forefront of the business know how it works best!

So How Do I Know If I Need To Serve Food?

The first thing you will want to look at is what time your bar/club opens or closes on a regular basis, and more importantly, what time do most people come in to start drinking? By looking at these factors you can tell whether you will need to serve food or not. If you find that people are mostly coming in early and getting way too drunk, then this might simply be because they do not have enough food in them to allow them to get RSA Certificateappropriately drunk. They may think that they can have a few drinks and be okay, but they do not consider that they have not eaten. In this sense, you have to consider it, and be aware of just how much they are REALLY drinking and being affected by. Another reason that you may want to serve food is that serving food can mean that you can relatively keep people sober when they need to be. If you see someone is far too drunk, then you can encourage them to have some food and water to sober them up. As the RSA Certificate course teaches you to look for signs they are too drunk, and then use a few ways to sober them up or send them home. So serving food can be a good medium for people that don’t want to go home and don’t want to stop drinking.

Grab Your RSA Certificate Today!

By going online and completing the RSA Certificate course, you are allowing yourself to serve responsibly at a bar/club/restaurant or even a liquor store. This means you know techniques of how to keep people relatively sober and having a good time. So get started today!