What Will I Gain From The RSA Course?

It is a completely reasonable thing to ask when you are applying for your RSA Course certificate, and it is also something that is easy to answer, because there are so many reasons for someone to get their RSA certificate. So the first and foremost most important thing that you will gain is the ability to work in any bar or restaurant around Australia, meaning that you can expand your work opportunities to that industry, all around Australia. So if you move into a new area and are looking for work, you can look into bars and restaurants which can also be a good way to meet people and learn the area!

RSA CourseWhat Will The RSA Course Teach Me To Do?

The RSA course will teach you to do a lot when it comes to serving patrons responsibly, and this can get you far in the night life industry, and also can help keep people out of harms way. If you complete the RSA course you will be able to identify patrons that should no longer be served alcohol, you will learn how to prepare and serve drinks responsibly, how to assist patrons in choosing the correct amount of alcohol to drink without drinking too much, and you will be able to assist customers who have clearly had too much. Being able to do these things has become standard around Australia and it is required by law that you can do them if working behind a bar or in a restaurant. So completing this RSA course will give you these bits of knowledge and skills.

  • Your understanding of the consequences of non compliance in relation to the legislation on the business and individual staff members.
  • Your ability to apply the requirements of responsible service of alcohol legislation to beverage service situations.
  • Your ability to apply the knowledge of Responsible Service of Alcohol and harm minimization to beverage service situations.

In addition, if you have been looking at any of the following jobs, (they seem rather common, right?) then you will need to obtain your RSA Course certificate first (responsible service of alcohol).

  • Cocktail Bar Attendant.
  • Bus Person/Bussy.
  • Cellar Hand.
  • Bar Attendant.
  • Food and Beverage Attendant.
  • Bottle Shop Attendant.
  • Host / Hostess.
  • Sommelier (wine steward).
  • Glass Collectors.
  • Room Service Staff.

So, I Should Start My RSA Course ASAP?

The faster that you start your RSA course, the faster you will finish. The course contains clear directions on how to serve people and is fast, straightforward while allowing you to get back to work safely, as fast as possible. Even if you do not plan on working in any of these jobs soon, it can be a good thing to carry under your belt for the future!