What Kinds Of Beer Will You Serve Safely With The RSA Course Online

There are a massive number of beers that a bar can choose to serve! The RSA Course will teach you how to serve any kind of beer safely so that you do not end up with patrons fighting and causing danger to themselves or others. But what you might be thinking now, is what kinds of beer do most people want? What will people settle for? and should I offer different and uncommon types of beer for a little intrigue?  Well we’ll try to help as much as possible.

Serving an Uncommon Type of Beer

The RSA Course will teach you how to serve alcohol correctly and safely behind a bar or in a  restaurant, but it will not teach you how to make your bar more popular, and it will not teach you which kinds of beer you need to serve to make your bar successful. But here’s a tip, you could serve at least one kind of beer that is ‘different’ or uncommon. This could be anything that is not served all that commonly in other local bars and is something that people will recognize you for. For example, ‘Bintang’ is a beer that is exclusively served in Bali, but is well known to a lot of Australians who visit the region. This beer is the kind of drink that, if you served, would allow you to distinguish your bar from others. You would become known for serving Bintang.

Serving The More Common Beers

There are several beers that are served more commonly in Australian bars and restaurants simply because they RSA Courseare a crowd pleaser and taste good to most people. But you still have a selection even if it is between the popular beers. You could choose between these, for example, Tooheys New, XXXX Bitter, Carlton Mid, and you could also have a dry beer in there like Tooheys extra dry or ‘teds.’ But ultimately the selection is up to you, so choose depending on what is a better crowd pleaser in your region, and ultimately what will bring in more customers.

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