WA Teenagers Warned To Avoid Drugs And Alcohol During Schoolies

Following the warning from West Australian police about the need to remain safe over schoolies, high school students around Australia are being urged to exercise caution especially around the issue of alcohol and drugs.

WA Police urged schoolies not to do anything they regret, with smart phone apps available to provide school leavers with information about quarantine and alcohol free zones.

School leavers were also reminded about inappropriate social media use. Those school leavers heading for Bali were also urged to stay safe.

Young people are also urged to be responsible on the roads as they head to Leavers 2016 celebrations.

In addition to being responsible around alcohol, St John Ambulance general manager, Jame Sheriff warned school leavers not to use cheap synthetic drugs available easily online.

Read more at http://www.perthnow.com.au/news/western-australia/schoolies-2016-wa-teenagers-warned-to-stay-safe-avoid-drugs-alcohol/news-story/3c600e4697556e41ec54df4607655879


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