Upselling – Responsible Service Of Alcohol

Can you upsell and have Responsible Service Of Alcohol?

Management loves the upsale. Upselling is when a customer orders a drink and you talk them into the higher end alcohol, instead of low end or house. If this is a strategy at your bar then you need to make sure it will also meet the Responsible Service Of Alcohol guidelines. Responsible Service Of Alcohol One way to upsell is to just ask what brand they want. Say they order a bourbon and Coke, you ask what “brand” of bourbon they want. Customers usually will name whatever brand they prefer or a common brand. Usually this is a higher end brand, being that the first to come to mind is usually the most commercialised. Sometimes they don’t know what kind they want. This is another way to upsale. Start naming your brands, starting with the top shelf brands and work your way down. Usually they will choose a mid priced brand, especially if you toss a “oh and house” in there, at the end. After they order, pick up whatever brand that you are trying to move and ask “ok?”. Usually they will say “yes” out of habit. If they refuse that brand, suggest another higher priced brand. If they are not specific about which brand that they prefer, just ask them if the brand that you are trying to move is fine. They might ask for a vodka and tonic and you ask if “blah” is ok? Suggest, to management, making your house brand one of your mid-priced ones. If you start a drink with a mid-priced bottle and the customer notices, simply say that it is our house brand. Never get into the habit of picking up the cheapest bottle to make drinks. Always make them ask for the cheaper stuff. Not only will you have better sales, your drinks will turn out better, too. In many cases upselling will give your customer a better brand of alcohol, possibly with less chemicals and therefore less hangovers for your clients. So your clients will thank you if you provide them with a really good quality brand that is better for their health.

Responsible Service Of Alcohol is mandatory in Australia and so is the Responsible service of alcohol course for anyone serving alcohol.



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